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28/07/2020 - 12:29

‘Round-table discussion’ drink tours in Hue

The weekend catch-ups and talks of the arts lovers, including well-known artists and young people loving culture, literature, translation and motion pictures have become impressive and useful activities.

A ‘round-table discussion’ drink is ideal for interest sharing.

On the first Saturday of July, a discussion on the theme of translation was started in a café by the Huong river in Vy Da by a group of people who wanted to spread the love for translation. They called it a “boasting drink” where a story teller did provide people of interest with much useful information.

Hue-origin translator Ho Dac Tuc shared his experience of the translation career, his passion and the so-called “professional loneliness”. The translator suggested and motivated young people, providing them with professional views and obstacles in a logical and intelligible manner.

The audience could ask questions, give opinions or argue against the issues that the translator presented. All was for an ultimate goal of a better understanding. By the end of the meeting, everyone was happy to have an interesting morning and gain useful knowledge. They promised another meeting at another weekend for the discussion of new topics.

Such space for discussion is not new. The round-table discussion was organized without a fixed place and time, and so they were fairly disconnected. There were no bonds among people of the same interests. Until recently, ‘round-table discussion’ drink tours have been re-activated.

Vo Ca Dao, who experienced different jobs in journalism, publishing and translation service in Ho Chi Minh City, has planned many projects and spent time awakening the cultural and creative activities when he returned to Hue for good. He has organized many meetings to spread the passion to the creative young people with the hope to bring to Hue life flexibility and dynamism.

“Why not?” – the question is the driving force for him to organize the weekend talks. He said musician Duong Thu founded the program Saturday drink tour in Ho Chi Minh City, which attracts many scholars and artists as well as young people. And he decided to do something that would bring people together for both fun and practicality with open-mindedness.

The talk about translation was just a starting point. There will be many more about literature, motion pictures and readership presented by guest speakers to be organized at the weekend ‘round-table discussion’ drink. Whatever the theme is, the organizers aim at an amiable sharing atmosphere for experts, researchers and young people of the same interests. They can talk and comment there. 

Dao is planning to make ‘round-table discussion drinking tour’ periodical, on the first Saturday of a month, and when it is well-maintained, there will be meetings twice a month.

Dr. Tran Dinh Hang, Head of Hue Branch of Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies, who is an active organizer and participant of such events, said that it was essential to have a “leader” to maintain these activities.

According to Dr. Tran Dinh Hang, a spacy place is all needed for people to get together for talks about the same problem of interest rather than a luxurious hub. It is important that people come to the ‘round-table discussion’ drink with passion and willing to explore. These meetings will also be opportunity for experts and scholars to motivate the younger generations as well as understand more about the youth in this modern life.

It is still early to tell about the success of the ‘round-table discussion’ drink tours, but what is going on gives hope to arts lovers about a playground for spiritual values.

Story and photo: NHAT MINH