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30/07/2018 - 15:42

2.792 million visitors to Hue in the first seven months

According to the Provincial Tourism Department, in the first seven months of 2018, the total number of visitors to Hue was estimated at 2.792 million, increasing by 29.3%; in which, the number of international visitors was estimated at 1.151 million, growing by 41%, and the number of staying visitors reached 1.274 million, up to nearly 14%; the revenue from tourism reached VND 2,664 billion, increasing by 32%.

Visitors are experiencing doing farming in Thuy Bieu. Photo: Hong Ngoc

Particularly in the month of July 2018, visitors to Hue was estimated at 400 thousand, growing more than 7.5%; with international visitors estimated at 142 thousand, rising by 22%; staying visitors reaching 193 thousand, up to 15%; and tourism revenue reached VND 393 billion, increasing nearly 25%.

The number of visitors in July experienced stable growth, as it was the peak period of domestic visitors, and businesses launched many promotions to stimulate tourism. In the remaining five months of 2018, the tourism industry is expected to exceed the target of 4.2 million visitors in the year with this growth rate.

By Duc Quang