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30/09/2022 - 15:41

200 years from Thua Thien to Thua Thien Hue: journey of a name

A journey of 200 years, from the name “Thua Thien” to “Thua Thien Hue” as is known today, was the topic of a scientific conference organized by the Provincial Historical Science Association on the morning of September 27 with the participation of many experts and researchers.

According to experts and researchers, in the year of Nham Ngo 1822, Emperor Minh Mang changed the name of Quang Duc department to Thua Thien prefecture. Since then, there have been many important changes and developments.

According to Assoc.Prof. Dr. Do Bang, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Historical Sciences, Thua Thien was then just a prefecture, but because it was the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty, it had a special role in terms of governmental functions, duties, officials’ rankings, salary and incentives. The prefecture office used to be located inside the Citadel, yet after the fall of the capital in 1885, was moved to Dieu De Pagoda and in 1899 moved to the southern bank of the Huong River now the location of the Provincial People's Committee.

According to researcher Duong Phuoc Thu, the name Thua Thien - Thuan Hoa was first coined in 1949 and it was not until December 1954, there was the name Thua Thien Hue. Following that, on July 1, 1989, the province was officially named Thua Thien Hue.

By Phan Thanh