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14/07/2020 - 08:51

21 contestants selected to the final round of Miss Hue University 2020 

On the evening of July 12, at Hue University’s Hall, the 28 best contestants, who had passed the preliminary round of Miss Hue University 2020, competed in the semi-final round.

The purple ao dai worn by a contestant in the semi-final round

Before the semi-final night, the contestants had gone through the social knowledge contest as well as the talent contest, held on the morning and the afternoon of July 11.

On the semi-final night, the contestants underwent the performances of sports costumes and the ao dai, and the oratory contest, including many questions around the main topic of "Hue University students shine with knowledge”, consisting typically, "How do you think about the slogan ‘Hue University students shine with knowledge?’", "Why does Miss Hue University often associate with knowledge?", or "Thomas Szasz said that knowledge gained through learning, what do you think about it?", etc.

The contestants giving answers in the behavioral contest

At the end of the semi-final round, the Organizing Committee selected the 21 best contestants to the final round.

According to the Organizing Committee, the contestants in the final round will participate in the activities including implementing the project of community of kindness, charity, Hue tourism, culture and environment promotion; oratory contest; and voting on social networks for the ao dai photo shots. At the same time, they will go into the main contests, including performances of ao dai, of the evening dresses, and an oratory contest.

The final and awards night is scheduled to take place on the evening of July 25 at the Perfume River Theater.

Thua Thien Hue Online would like to invite readers to take a look back on the contestants' journey before entering the final round:

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The 28 contestants selected to the semi-final round

A contestant in her talent contest

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The performance of sports costumes on the semi-final night

The contestants in the ao dai performance

The ao dai performance is enjoyed and recorded by many audiences

Many contestants answered wisely in the behavioral contest

The joy of the contestants who are selected to the final round

By Huu Phuc