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02/01/2019 - 10:35

21 shots of cannon welcome the new year

Right at 0:00 am, January 1, the time of transfer from 2018 to 2019, 21 shots of connon were fired at Hue Flag Tower to welcome the new year.

Right at 0:00 am, 21 shots of connon were fired to signal the new year 2019

The shooting of 21 shots is a meaningful activity on the occasion of the new year 2019, creating an activity for tourists and residents to enjoy. Moreover, the activity also aims to show the goal and strive to fulfill the socio-economic tasks of the province in 2019.

Although the weather in Hue was cold and rainy at the time of shooting the cannons, thousands of people and tourists still went to Phu Van Lau and Flag Tower areas to watch and wish each other a happy new year.

Although the weather is unfavorable, thousands of people still came to see the cannon shooting

Previously, the cannon shooting activity was reappeared in the beginning of 2018, in the chain of building tourism products for a bright and alive Hue city; creating attraction for tourists, simultaneously helping people and visitors have experiences in Hue by night.

Cannon shooting clip to welcome the new year:

By Duc Quang