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24/10/2021 - 16:31

The National English Contest for Students:

30 contestants competing in the cluster final round

On October 23, the cluster final round of the National English Contest for Students Star Awards 2021 took place at Hue University.

The team wins the first prize in the cluster final round

The contest was hosted by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Hue University in collaboration with the Wilmar CLV Group and the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of National and Regional Universities nationwide, with a total of 50,000 Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union members and students participating in the online round. Among them, 10,000 students from Hue University had participated in this round.

The theme of the contest is "Culture - Heritage - Integration". The 30 best candidates had overtaken 10,000 candidates in Hue cluster contest through three sections, including: knowledge, writing competition, questions and answers, to go to the Starlight round, which is Hue cluster finale round.

The contestants were randomly divided into 10 teams (three contestants each). Team members discussed and agreed on the content to present, under a topic related to the Culture - Heritage – Integration. They had drawn the topics seven days before the round.

The cluster final round – the Starlight, consists of two contest sections, including: presenting the topics and defending them in front of the jury panel, answering questions so as to clarify and convince the jury panel about the topics.

The Organizing Committee has awarded the first prize to the "Tri-illion" team. The second prize and the third prize go to the “Aces” team and the “Hastati” team, respectively. The Organizing Committee has also awarded the best eloquence prize and seven consolation prizes to other teams.

The three best candidates, who will represent Hue University cluster to participate in the national final round, are Hoang Vu Gia Thong, Dao Thanh Tien, and Nguyen Minh Quan.

By Huu Phuc