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01/06/2019 - 14:14

4 tons of Hue beef noodle spice to be exported to the US through official trade

YesHue Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd. is the first unit to export Hue beef noodle spices and other products such as chili sauce, cashew oil to the US through official trade.

Hue beef noodle spices of YesHue at the Ahna Gourmet system - USA. Photo: YesHue

Before officially appearing in the US market, the company's products have been made available in Australia, Canada and the UK.

In October 2018, YesHue Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd. began working with partners in the US to agree on export terms and procedures. Accordingly, it must meet the standards of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

So far, the first batch of 4 tons of Hue beef noodle spices and about 1 ton of other products have been officially exported to the US by sea.

“In order to find export partners, we went through American states such as California, Washington, Washington D.C, New York… to participate in trade promotion programs. This was a long journey. Previously, in order to be in the Australian market, it took 3 months to explore the market and understand the consumers. Exporting to the US had been our strategy from the start. "Exporting to the US is a great success of YesHue, especially when the product is a tradition of Hue. Through this, Hue beef noodle will be more well-known to the international market,” said Le Thi Kim Hang, co-founder of YesHue Manufacturing and Trading Company Limited.

YesHue products are directly exported to the US and sold in this market through partners and representatives called Ahna Gourmet LLC and Cross Border Venture LLC.

Hue beef noodle spices of YesHue have an organic origin, produced in Hue, and can be easily processed according to the traditional flavor. This is the complete spice for cooking Hue beef noodle soup.

“In the context of tourism culture development, this will be the first highlight of YesHue in the journey of bringing Hue cuisine and culture to every home and reaching out to the world. In the next two months, we will export the second shipment to the US,” said Ms. Hang.

By  Le Tho