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01/12/2022 - 15:09

4 valuable and rare animals released back to natural environment

This announcement was confirmed by the Forest Protection Division of Hue City on November 30.

The white pheasant was released back to nature

Accordingly, 4 animals including 1 white pheasant and 3 monkeys (2 red-faced monkeys and 1 pig-tailed macaque) were released back to the natural environment on November 29.

Previously, recording consecutively from November 16 to 18, the Forest Protection Division of Hue City received those animals from Mr. H.V.S living in Huong So Ward and Mrs. N.T.L.P in Kim Long Ward, and from Tinh That An Lac in Thuy Bang Ward (Hue City).

All these wild animals are on the list of endangered, valuable, and rare forest animals

After receiving, taking care of, and completing the application to establish the entire people’s ownership rights over the properties of forest animals voluntarily handed over by the local people, the Forest Protection Division of Hue City coordinated with the Management Board of Phong Dien Natural Reserve to release 4 forest animals back to natural environment.

By Hoang Quy