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05/09/2018 - 07:24

60 thousand tourist arrivals in Hue on the occasion of National Day

The tourist revenue during the holidays was estimated at around 48 billion VND.

Tourists visit Hue heritages on the occasion of National Day

According to Tourism Department, the number of tourist coming to Hue during the National Day 2018 (from August 31 to September 3) reached about 60 thousand arrivals, in which the number of staying tourists was estimated at 43 thousand arrivals, the figures for international tourists and domestic tourists were 20 thousand arrivals and 23 thousand arrivals respectively. The tourist revenue during the holidays was estimated at around 48 billion VND. The occupancy rate reached 60%. Especially, in September 1 and 2, the occupancy rates of 3-star hotels and more reached 80%.

Mr. Le Huu Minh, Acting Director of Tourism Department said that during the holidays, there were many events in Hue contributing to attracting tourists such as: “Hue Thanh tra Grapefruit” festival combined with community tourism, “Thuy Bieu in the morning, Tam Giang in the afternoon” ecotourism; the Hue traditional boat racing festival, The Hue Half Marathon 2018.

The number of international tourists staying in Hue during the holidays is around 20 thousand arrivals

In the National Day (September 2), the relics belong to Complex of Hue Monuments opened with free admission for local people and Vietnamese tourists. There were 30 thousand tourist arrivals coming to visit Hue heritages in the National Day. In particular, the number of tourists coming to the Citadel was around 23 thousand arrivals.

The inspectors of Tourism department coordinated with Provincial Police and relevant departments to strengthen the inspection and rectification of business activities of accommodation units, travel agencies, qualified transport establishments and tourist service companies, thus, ensuring the safe and healthy tourist environment to serve tourists in the holidays.

Story, photos: Quang Duc