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16/07/2017 - 20:10

A dream for Tam Giang...

Tam Giang - Cau Hai of Thua Thien Hue – the largest lagoon system in Southeast Asia, with up to 22,000 hectares in area, is filled with undiscovered potentials for tourism.…

The Tam Giang life. Photo: Van Dinh Huy

What a shame!

A weekend morning, I found myself coming to the usual coffee shop. It’s not for the craving or anything, but simply to meet up with friends for a chat. We talked about everything, and eventually came upon the topic of tourism. It’s explainable, since over half of our friends work in tourism; one of them had even just come back from leading a tour in Thailand.

Upon mentioning Tam Giang while we were talking about Hue’s potential for tourism, he recalled: “When I was in Thailand, I saw they developed floating markets on the canals, and they were really busy. Our Tam Giang has so much potential, yet so quiet. Such a shame!”

Several enterprises do businesses on food services on the lagoon. Photo: DT

It is right to feel ashamed! Tam Giang  - Cau Hai is the largest lagoon system in Southeast Asia, with up to 22.000 hectares in area, spreading more than 70 km over Phong Dien District, Quang Dien District, Huong Tra town, and Phu Loc District. The seafood here is among the top of the country, in quality, variety as well as rarity.  The view is divine, and has been mentioned in poem and music as far back as once upon a time. Yet, after all those years, Tam Giang – Cau Hai is almost still in deep its slumber. Even though many businesses have invested in several food services in the area, organizing tours, but the number of tourists and the brand reputation are still far from deserving the potential of this rough gem.

We need a reorganization. But how? We came up with various ideas that are not impossible to implement. Resources are the most important factor – the lagoon in particular – which is already available. The remaining question is how to realize them.

Tam Giang Lagoon. Photo: Pham Ba Thinh

Starting up with a quality tour

First, we need a leader. This responsibility can be taken by the provincial Department of Tourism on behalf of the province. Then we need to find enterprises for cooperation. It must be enterprises with great potential, enthusiasm and love for Tam Giang, for Hue tourism. To begin with, we should build a quality tour to spark interests in customers, and then expand it further. Tourists will be picked up by boats in the afternoon at a dock along the Huong River for a safe and serene trip down the legendary river. They will take a break at Thao Long dam for sightseeing, taking pictures and listening to a presentation about the dam. The tour will continue on the other side of the dam with another boat heading to the lagoon. Tourists can experience the fishermen life; relax under the dancing sunlight on the water at daybreak, taking in the peaceful and charming magnificence of Tam Giang. Seafood of best quality will be selected and served by professional chefs right on the boat, or, if they request, tourists can dine at the newly built food court with a gorgeous view of the lagoon. Fresh food from the lagoon is available here at a reasonable price for tourists to choose. They can either dine at the food court, in which the purchased food can be prepared by the kitchen, or taken away either fresh or cooked. Tourists can enjoy Hue traditional music on the return trip; however, requests must be made prior to the trip. The boat will reach its destination by the end of the show.

Half a day floating on the Huong River, riding the waves of Tam Giang lagoon like that, even the most critical tourists would be satisfied.

Starting with such a quality tour, it won’t take long for Tam Giang tourism to develop and spread far and wide. Aside from the international and national tourists, local guests are also a promising potential.

By Hien An