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05/03/2020 - 07:46

A garden of life blossoms

It was great to see the children in traditional costume of ao dai to welcome Vietnamese Tet. The return of ao dai to children fashion today motivated my strong conviction. Seeing children in ao dai I had a warm feeling as if I was standing in front of a colorful garden of life blossoms.

Photo: Trung Phan

There would be many answers to the question as to when the children’s ao dai returned. For me, I am grateful to the young generation.

The young parents who grew up in the peaceful country and passed the time of sufficient eating and dressing are now starting the period of well eating and beautiful dressing.

They have chosen the national costume ao dai as the best clothing for their children during Tet. This is part of a change in the family education.

The traditional atmosphere of Tet was felt in nursery schools long before Tet. Banh chung (sticky rice, mung beans and pork wrapped in banana leaves), dua hanh (pickled onion), cau doi do (the red parallel verses) and traditional cakes and candies were beautifully displayed by the nursery teachers.

The children started singing the nursery rhymes, giving the feeling that the storks flying on the fields and the bamboo ranges of the country, which are now existing in the middle of the city. I like picking up my grandchildren at different schools so that I can enjoy the color of the apricot blossoms and the happiness of a fairy atmosphere.

It is such blessing that we are leading a modern life deeply rooted in the national spirit. A friend of mine who is an aged country man has been moved to tear when he saw his grandson in ao dai as if he were a prince in the kindergarten.

This happiness, perhaps, accounts for grandparents picking up the grandchildren every day. The happiness of the old age is simple but hard-to-put-in-words. 

It is also worth thinking of the skillful tailors of ao dai for children, which look very nice. There are many kinds of ao dai with different styles and prices, but when the children are wearing them, there is no segregation. All are beautiful, making a colorful garden of blossoms.

Ao dai for children. Photo: Trung Phan

The young parents’ choice of ao dai for their children suggests a growth in the awareness of preservation of national identity through the preservation of traditional ao dai. It is the patriotism.

I used to have a dream that ao dai (including the modernized styles) will be seen in every corner of Hue.

I was overwhelmed by the rumor that the Chairman of the Provincial Committee declared a new motto, ‘Ao dai for all’ in addition to the mottos ‘Hue: Green, Clean and Beautiful’ and ‘Hue: the city of four-season blossoms’.

Hopefully, the city is becoming more and more beautiful. The walk path along the north bank of the Huong river – “the walk path through the forest in the city” – is evidently a beauty of Hue. In the near future, there will be blossoms all around the city, making Hue a fairy land.

To my belief, ao dai is the national symbol and the national esteem and pride. It is an invaluable brand of fashion in the Vietnamese soul that has been rising from the patriotism.

Ao dai for children.

Ao dai for Hue locals.

Ao dai for the daily life in my hometown.

It is not only the costume but also the mentality and culture.

By Trien Thao