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01/03/2021 - 14:28

A happy Hue

No matter what people say, happiness comes only after “a full stomach”. Gradually, people should not only fill their stomach in a purely material way, but in a delicious, blissful, enjoying and scientific way, which means not only a comfortable material life, but creature comforts as well. This is already a big step towards better quality of life!

Looking forward to the new year.  Photo: Van Trung

However, we are not naive to believe that happiness comes from filling our stomach in a blissful way. Happiness not only is one's own, but also includes a social element, without which it would be incomplete. Living in a place with good security increases peace of mind. Living with a happy, understanding and sympathetic community makes our lives more interesting. Living in a hygienic, orderly and clean environment makes us realize how lovely life could be!

Then comes the spiritual life as well. The spiritual life is only enriched on the basis of a rich cultural background. Such life is not static, but accumulative, continuingly adding new values. Bluntly speaking, happiness is about achieving and harmonizing both elements - material and spiritual.

How is the material life of Hue and its residents at present?

It might not be as good as that in many other cities, but Hue has numerous advantages for competition and development, both at present and in the future. This is thanks to a unique Hue – a rich cultural background nurtured throughout the course of history; the endowed beautiful and wide-open natural landscapes; and a variety of known institutions with strengths such as education, specialized medicine, science and technology, etc.; a Festival city of the country.

Despite being incomplete, the current infrastructure of Hue is relatively good thanks to heavy investments in infrastructure from urban to rural areas of this city in recent years. From 2016 to 2020, the total social investment capital has reached more than VND 100,000 billion, with the average growth rate of 11% per year.

The economic scale in 2020 has increased by 1.6 times compared to that in 2016. The average income per capita is nearly 2,170 USD, ranking third in the Central Coast.

However, what to expect in order to increase the Province’s budget as well as the earnings of residents in the future is that the economic pie has more opportunities to grow at a faster rate: more and more large investors are investing in Hue, which will create a strong rebound. Consumption demand is expected to increase when tourism develops strongly, and people's income is higher.

We can imagine the economic scale of Thua Thien Hue Province in the upcoming time this way: The 16th Provincial Party Congress determines to strive for an economic growth rate of 7, 5 - 8.5% per year in the next 5 years. If that number is achieved, the economic scale will have doubled by 2025, as compared to that of 10 years ago (2016). Literally speaking, if we only had one cake in 2016, now we have two.

That is from the material perspective. How about the spiritual and cultural life, as well as the social factor of happiness? How will we envision it? Personally, I envisage that Hue will have a gravity.

This is not at all an exaggeration, especially for a beautiful destination with natural landscapes, rich cultural values; good and citizen-friendly security (a smart city, controlled with participation of technology devices).

Coming to Hue to study in education and training institutions, immerse in beautiful spaces to make the soul healthier. There is not only an ancient and quiet Hue, but also a vibrant Hue full of vitality, with no shortage of room for reflection and excitement, etc.

Despite being called Hue, this city not only has the current space, but will expand several times in the direction of urban development. Hue will stretch towards the sea. Hue will expand to the North and to the South, etc., and sometimes, there is also a Hue in Lang Co urban area, which is increasingly attracting tourism and many large projects regarding port and energy, connecting with a vibrant city directly under the Central Government, Da Nang.

Hue is also directed by the Politburo and Thua Thien Hue is striving to become a city directly under the Central Government in the near future. Further is the connection with Hoi An ancient town to the south, and with the natural heritage Phong Nha - Ke Bang to the north. What is more advantageous than such a geopolitical position?

As I write this story, it is still raining in Hue. Recalling the days after the flood in October of last year, there were many convoys on the road with the words "Towards the Central Region", "For our beloved Central Region", etc., in the front and on the side of the car. I understand more deeply about the fact that happiness not only is one's own, but also includes the social factor, and the community element.

Happiness derives from material abundance, a joyful soul, and a life full of sharing, just as Hue (in a broad sense) is being received and shared!

Story & photos: Le Phuong