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09/08/2022 - 14:49

A home with green roof 

With the passion and desire to give children and family a place to play and relax in their spare time, Nguyen Truong Tung, a construction engineer living on Nguyen Tuan Street (Hue City), did not hesitate to invest in building a swimming pool and a green garden on the roof of his house.

Initially, his idea did not gain a lot of support, but with his determination and expertise in the field of construction, Tung boldly invested in it and turned the idea into reality.

Currently, every morning or evening, Tung's boy, as well as his parents, wife, relatives and friends have a place to relax in the cool and green garden.

Tung said that he has no intention of doing business here. However, he believed it will be a check-in point chosen by many people, did he have.

The house is full of leaves and flowers

"Floor 4" – catching the wind, watching the moon

A very "chill" corner

Flowers on the stairs

Being cool green

Sunshine swimming pool


Photo: Hoang Hai