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13/06/2020 - 06:52

A Nor to attract visitors from near and far

From a pristine place, A Nor waterfall (Hong Kim commune, A Luoi district - a mountainous district 70km away from Hue city) becomes an attractive destination when tourists visit this mountainous region. The community-based tourism model here has created livelihood for the people.

The picturesque A Nor waterfall

A few years ago, to explore A Nor, travelers had to go on the rough road. Now, the concrete road of more than VND 3 billion invested by A Luoi district made A Nor waterfall easily accessible.

Coming close to the majestic waterfall with 3 cascades at 3 different heights, visitors can easily feel the pure "breath" of the jungle. And since waterfall travelling has developed , A Nor became the highlight of A Luoi tourism, attracting not only local and provincial tourists but also people from other provinces.

Mr. Tran Xuan Thien (Hue City) said, when mentioning waterfall, A Luoi was a destination that could not be missed. There were many wild and majestic waterfalls, awakening the curiosity of tourists to explore.

“The road to A Luoi has been convenient nowadays, the transportation system at the tourist sites has also been connected. When travelling to A Luoi, my friends and I could not ignore A Nor waterfall. Compared to the days before, the locality has now invested heavily in infrastructure. Coming here, everyone could soak in the cool lake, enjoying and relaxing themselves under the tree canopies. On weekends, on a quick get-away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, we love to come to A Nor to enjoy specialties, food and find a state of relaxation and tranquility.” Mr. Thien expressed.

Taking advantage of nature, A Luoi district has "turned" this magnificent waterfall into a place to attract tourists from near and far. In peak season, hundreds of people come there for relaxation.

Coming to A Nor, tourists can not only see the scenery but also experience the daily life of the locals. Food and culture have been two important highlights in the experiencing journey at A Nor waterfall.

Various traditional dishes of ethnic minorities such as sticky rice, grilled chicken, barbecue, A Quat cake, forest vegetables, doac (arenga pinnata) wine would satisfy the curiosity and adventurous spirit of visitors. And if they wanted, they could also enjoy the folk music of the locals.

The leader of Hong Kim commune said that to professionalize this destination, community-based tourism groups were established. In addition to bathing in the waterfall, visitors could come here to pound rice, learn how to make A Quat cake, learn about traditional weaving, immersing themselves in unique dances with indigenous people.

In Hong Kim Commune, each small village has a community tourism group, they invest in huts, stalls, and serve tourists throughout their visit to A Nor waterfall. The members of the group are trained and guided to do tourism. The rustic authenticity of people can make visitors feel closer to this land.

Not only forming a tourism group, but when developing river tourism, a number of tourism companies have cooperated with the locality, choosing A Nor as the destination in their voyages of discovery. This model of community-based tourism at A Nor waterfall has helped people eliminate their inferiority and conservativeness.

Head of A Luoi District Office of Information and Culture, Le Thi Them, said that community-based tourism was a major part of the local economic development. Over the past time, through promotion activities, tourists have known more about the ecotourism sites of A Luoi district.

 “The model of community-based ecotourism in A Nor waterfall has shown effectiveness. This model is based on the community and the local are the beneficiaries. The district has had many investments and connections with tourism businesses to enhance the appearance of A Nor waterfall as a tourist attraction,” Ms. Them shared.

Story and photo: Le Tho