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07/04/2018 - 08:50

A playground for young artists

Introducing to the public new creations with many special features, the 3rd young art exhibition - 2018 has gradually affirmed its place as a professional space dedicated to young artists.

"Tu Duc’s Tomb" by Nguyen Quang Man – The work was awarded a prize by the Fine Arts Association of Vietnam in Thua Thien Hue

New discoveries

Compactness but high quality is the general comment of experts coming to the 3rd young art exhibition at the University of Fine Arts - Hue University (on display from March 26 to April 2). With a collection of 52 works by 51 young authors under the age of 40, the exhibition introduces to the public new works of various genres, such as installations, paintings, prints, sculptures, and reliefs, using a variety of materials.

Despite the absence of many new types of art, through the exploration in the past year, this year’s exhibition has showcased the creativity of the young artists, from the diversity of genres and materials to the richness of expression and theme.

There are paintings using silk, oil, watercolor, acrylic, lacquer and synthetic materials. Sculptures are made from composite material, wood, steel and synthetic material. The graphics include iron pen, water paintings, trucchigraphy, etc. Besides the modern touch in style, true to the bold imprint of youth, many works have strong strokes, good techniques and good use of materials. Together, they showcase hard labor and creative endurance of the artists.

Artist Nguyen Thien Duc, Chairman of Thua Thien Hue Fine Arts Association, said: "Although the exhibition is not perfect due to the tight space and therefore difficult to fully present new forms of art, it has shown a fairly complete representation of the current design trends, visual genres and ways of thinking of young artists.”

"The last generation" by Pham Van Nhan - The work was awarded Dinh Cuong art prize

"Tu Duc Tomb" by Nguyen Quang Man is a trio of works expressing the beauty of nature in Tu Duc Tomb with wood carving. The scenery and architecture of this relic were created with images superimposed on each other, creating depth and distance. The viewer can feel like he/she is strolling along the tomb of Tu Duc.

Quang Man said: "Wood carving requires a great deal of skill and accuracy. After collecting information and sketching, I selected specific images to create the layers of space.”

In his creative journey, the image of the woman is always associated with the sculptor Phan Thanh Quang. In this exhibition, his work, "Girl," converges women's beauty and dignity through the way of shaping and combining the material.

Using wood and terracotta, the author wanted to use natural materials to honor the image of the woman, sending messages of eternity and timelessness.

"Girl" by Phan Thanh Quang – The work was awarded a prize by Thua Thien Hue Fine Arts

The creative spark

Since 2016, the annual art exhibition has been organized by the Fine Arts Association of Thua Thien Hue Province to innovate the content of professional activities for the period 2015-2020. This playground is intended for creative youths who have a lot of energy and creative desire; at the same time, it is aimed at discovering, fostering and evaluating the results achieved in art practice of young people in and outside of the Fine Arts Association.

After three times, the young art exhibition with experiential approaches is gradually asserting professionalism. This playground has created a stimulus for young, energetic and creative young artists, so that they can confidently present their works to the public.

Though young, the artists have shown their skills and bold ideas. Many works were highly regarded by the art council, bearing the mark for future development. In particular, some young artists had the chance to assert themselves through awards and became more publicly known.

The works selected by the organizing committee were quite representative, showing the maturity of creativity. The quality, visual language and presentation skills were quite diverse. It is noteworthy to mention that some artists are only students. Some have graduated, but some are still studying.

Artist Dang Mau Tuu, the president of the Fine Arts Association of Vietnam in Thua Thien Hue, said: "With young art exhibitions, we are delighted that the younger generations have continued the tradition, the flow of fine arts of Thua Thien Hue. Their works are the exploration of expertise and techniques. However, I hope the young artists will have works that impact more on the reality of life, showing the vibe associated with social life."

Story and photos: TRANG HIỀN