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11/11/2018 - 15:09

A rare pangolin released back to natural environment

On November 9, The Center for Creatures Rescue, Conservation and Development of Bach Ma National Park released a Java Pangolin (Manis Javanica) back to natural environment.

The pangolin is released back to natural environment

The pangolin is a male one, weighing 2kg. It was found, rescued and handed over to the care center by Thuong Nhat Forest Management Station (Nam Dong), belonging to the Forest Management of Bach Ma National Park, when its members were patrolling.  When its health was stable, the center released the pangolin back to the natural environment.

Pangolins are species of IB Group - which is prohibited from commercial exploitation. They are classified as endangered (EN) in the 2007 Vietnam Red Data Book and Critically Endangered (CR) in the IUCN Red List.

The pangolins live in the old forests, the secondary forests, the woody and bamboo mixed forest, in the burrows under big stumps, hollow trees or in the rocky cliffs in bushy clumps of trees. Pangolins hunt for food on the ground at night and shelter in the burrows in daytime. Their main kinds of food are ants and termites, small insects on the ground, sometimes can be decayed grasses and leaves.

Story, photo: Kieu Tam