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11/03/2020 - 10:13

A valuable and rare sea turtle released back to marine environment

On the morning of March 10, the Provincial Fisheries Department informed that they coordinated with local authorities to release a valuable and rare sea turtle back to natural environment.

Releasing the turtle back to the sea

At 23:00 of March 10, Mr. Le Ty (living in Phu Da, Phu Vang District) discovered a sea turtle stuck in the net while he was hauling the nets. After receiving the information, the officers of the Provincial Fisheries Department carried out a direct meeting with the local authorities and Mr. Ty to rescue and take care of the turtle.

The sea turtle was defined as an individual of pineapple tortoise, belonging to Vich family with the scientific name is Chelonia agassizii. The turtle body was 52cm long, the turtle-shell is 35cm wide in an oval shape, and it weighs 10kg. Its shell has the tile-shaped fins in yellow color. The shell edges have sharp serrations, and the turtle was in good condition when it was found. Pineapple tortoise is classified as a kind of valuable and rare sea turtles that needs to be preserved in the Endangered category (EN) of the Red Book.

Previously, on March 5, in Mai Duong Hamlet, Quang Phuoc Commune (Quang Dien District), Mr. Nguyen Chi bumped into a sea turtle while he was working. With the encouragement of the appropriate authorities, on the same day, he released the turtle back to the marine environment.

Story, photo: Hoang Trieu