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23/07/2019 - 07:32

"About Hue" exhibition opens

On the afternoon of July 20, the opening ceremony of "About Hue" (“Về Huế”) exhibition was held at Diem Phung Thi Art Center of Hue Fine Arts Museum.

Unique and interesting exhibition space of "About Hue" exhibition

"About Hue" is a community-based multi-platform art project implemented by Vietnamese and foreign architects, artists and researchers, including Nguyen Yen Phi and Ngo Quoc Dung, the architects; Archie Pizzini, the architect - researcher - photographer; Tran Van Dung, Fellow Ph.D.; Urban Sketchers Vietnam sketching group ...

With a quite unique exhibition space, the project introduces and displays the local architectural heritages (located outside Hue Citadel Complex), which are gradually faded, degraded and damaged, such as Giap Thuong communal house, communal house of Xuan Duong village, Phu Vinh communal house, Chau Huong Vien, Dai Can temple, Mr.Ung Thong’s villa…

Through the display forms of photos, paintings, sketches, historical researches ..., those who implement the project "About Hue" want to create a connection in the Hue cultural flow through preserving tangible cultural heritage, especially architecture, because architecture is a social flow that records the most pronounced development history of each city. At the same time, the project evokes opportunities to learn and to continue with traditional cultural values, ​​as well as opening up conversations regarding architectural heritage preservation in the community.

The exhibition takes place until July 29.

By Minh Hien