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07/10/2022 - 15:24

Acceptance of research study "Building a database on Tuồng Hue art"

On the afternoon of October 6, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology held a conference to accept the results of the provincial-level scientific technological research study entitled "Building a database on Tuồng Hue art", which is carried out by Hue Monuments Conservation Center.

Tuồng Hue, an art form of Hue culture. Photo: Hue Monuments Conservation Center

The project has meet the trend of the times, which applied information technology to the work of keeping and preserving the cultural and artistic values ​​of Tuồng - Tuồng Hue, helping the conservation work to be sustainable and long-term, as well as optimizing the promotion.

Via appropriate research methods, the research study collected relatively comprehensive information about Tuồng Hue art, with elements namely Tuồng music, stage props of Tuồng, Tuồng singing, Tuồng scripts, Tuồng costumes, Tuồng terminology, and Tuồng choreography currently performed and kept by artisans in the province; and also via published and printed research materials.

According to the assessment of the Acceptance Committee, the project "Building a database on Tuồng Hue art" is a practical applied research work, not only dedicating to the research and conservation of Tuồng Hue art, but also serving other fields in social life such as history, culture, and society, specifically the study of Hue and Hue people.

The results of the project become a useful document for the performance of Tuồng art and for the research work. Besides, they are a sustainable and long-term storage method, and a practical and effective method of promoting Tuồng Hue art.