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24/08/2017 - 07:56

Access to smart consumption trend

Though the automatic vending machine system has just been put into operation in Hue since this April, it has attracted more and more customers thanks to its convenience.

Many consumers are gradually accessing the smart and convenient service at automatic vending machines in Hue city


A group of young people got off the bus after the trip from Phong Dien to Hue, they rushed to the automatic vending machine in front of the Dong Ba market to buy soft drinks. Following a few simple steps to put cash into the slot and choose the publicly-priced drinks, An and his two friends were able to get their tasty drinks without "bargaining", and the prices were also cheaper than those in some roadside stalls. These are the convenience that Hong Duc Joint Stock Company has brought to consumers in Hue city, with the brand of S&B.

"We are very excited when the provincial leaders, departments, as well as many local people, and visitors agree on and support the business activity of the automatic vending machines and the company’s development plans on the civilized and modern business type," Director of Hong Duc Joint Stock Company, Tran Minh Duc said.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Nhat Truong, Vice Director of Hong Duc Joint Stock Company stated that the company's goals were to directly bring the products of clear origin from big prestige brands to the consumers, with their prices equal to or lower than those in the agencies as they had not been through intermediaries; to ensure food safety and hygiene...

The enterprise puts the automatic vending machines in hospitals, schools, public places so as to serve the local people, visitors and students to buy the guaranteed products at reasonable prices. After a period of operation, this system proves to be quite practical and effective, especially in hospitals. Patients and their family members do not have to worry about buying drinks at high prices. They also do not need to go far, because the machines are installed right at the departments of the hospitals.

My Trang, a student of Hue Academy of Music shared: "I was not used to using the machine at the first time, so I was embarrassed and had to find out the way. However, this is also a way for us to discover and experience the smart and modern service as do people in other big cities. The best thing that I love about this machine is that I can buy cold drinks at cheap prices and custom options."

In addition to those advantages, the automatic vending machine system installed in Hue has six outstanding differences. The machine model is beautifully designed, looking fancier than some other domestic and foreign machines; the modern machines are placed in the ancient nha ruong (beam houses) near Truong Tien bridge; they are unique in Hue with free high speed wifi; the message of "I love Hue" is put on each machine in order to promote Hue images to domestic and international visitors; the prices of drinks at hospitals and schools are cheaper than those on the market; the automatic vending machine system receives cash from VND 1,000 (while the automatic vending machine system in other provinces and cities receives cash from 10,000 VND) to meet all subjects with transaction needs.

The automatic vending machine installed at a bus stop

Expand the service

In order to compete and increase the usefulness of the automatic vending machines, besides the function of using and exchanging cash, in the future, the company will upgrade the application of integrated bank cards, electronic wallets.

"Many customers wonder about the expiry date of the products, but the company claims to always import goods directly from the manufacturers with the latest manufacturing date and always check the expiry date of the products through the management software. Thus, customers will not worry about the expiry date," Mr. Tran Minh Duc explained.

Mr. Tran Minh Duc also said that the system was quite new in Hue, so there were initial difficulties due to slow administrative procedures, such as procedure for  handing over the sites, license for installing machines... However, after the attention and direction of Hue city’s leaders, related departments had coordinated to solve the problems according to the enterprise’s proposal.

From now to the end of the year, the company will install and raise the total number of automatic vending machines to 100 in Hue city. In its phase 2, the priority of installation will be in schools, public places, bus stations, boat stations, sports centers ...

Box: From April 2017 to now, there have been 32 automatic vending machines installed in Hue city:10 machines in public places, 10 machines in Hue Central Hospital,3 machines in Hue Central Hospital 2 (Phong Dien), 3 machines in Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, 3 machines in Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, 2 machines in Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry and 1 machine in Hue Academy of Music.

Story and photos: Hoai Thuong