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04/11/2017 - 20:57

ADB loans for green urban development in Hue

On November 2, Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved the 170 million USD loan to help Vietnamese government improve urban infrastructure and respond to climate change, benefiting about 116,000 households in Hue, Vinh Yen and Ha Giang.

The credit grant of 170 million USD from ADB is granted to the secondary green cities development project, helping the cities become more worth living, environmentally friendly and adaptable to climate change.

In Hue, the project will upgrade 21.9 km of drainage pipe, improve 15.9 km of road surface and sullage pit and build 17.2 hectares of green space along with many other works.

Besides the loans, ADB in cooperation with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will deploy the technical assistance, with total capital of 14.1 million USD and the 6 million USD non-refundable aid from the Global Environment Facility and the Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund. Technical assistance will integrate a green and adaptable urban development approach into government agencies through policy advice and capacity building, as well as replicate this approach in other cities in Vietnam.