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04/08/2017 - 14:36

Adding 10 sightseeing stops and returning the original name to Truong Tien bridge

Many sections of the Truong Tien bridge crossing the Huong river (Hue city) is being repaired and restored. The Road Administration Department 2 is the investor of Truong Tien bridge repair project at Km825+798 National Route 1. Besides, An Giang Dragon Construction and Consultant Joint Stock Company is the construction unit. The project with the total investment of VND 3.8 billion is expected to be completed by mid-October this year.

The functional unit puts the signs to repair the Truong Tien bridge

On the morning of August 2, Mr. Dang Nguyen Ngoc Linh, Deputy Head of Road Administration Branch II.6 (Road Administration Department 2, the Ministry of Transport), which was assigned to directly manage the project, said that after the unit had consulted the opinions of researchers and local authorities, they had agreed on the plan to repair and restore many sections of Truong Tien bridge. Accordingly, the project would supplement and restore the railing system including 10 sightseeing stops for the pedestrians to stop and enjoy the scenery (each stop is 7m long and 1.25m wide).

Mr. Linh said that the project would also repair other parts such as the steps for pedestrians to the bridge, the pedestrian walkways on the bridge, as well as repaint the lines and the rusted railings ... “After the Thang Long Bridge 1 Company conducted agreat renovation of Truong Tien bridge in 1991-1995, the bridge was labelled as Trang Tien. This time, after the restoration and reparation is completed, the unit will return the original name Truong Tien to the bridge,” Mr. Linh said.

The construction unit puts the canvas covers to ensure safety during construction

Truong Tien bridge was built in 1897 and finished in 1899, under the reign of King Thanh Thai. According to the original design, both pedestrian walkways and the railing system were inside the domes. In 1937, under the reign of King Bao Dai, the bridge was restored with the pedestrian walkways outside the domes, and 10 protruding sightseeing stops were constructed. Since the great renovation in the period of 1991-1995 by the Thang Long Bridge 1 Company, the bridge has had the current appearance.

Story and photos: Ha Nguyen