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12/01/2019 - 20:46

Adjustment in journalism operation and training in 4.0 era

It is one of the issues posed by experts at the scientific conference "Press and communication in the context of industrial revolution 4.0: Theory and practices". The conference was held at the University of Sciences, Hue University on January 11.

At the conference

The experts said that the 4.0 press environment with the combination of journalists and means of press production in industry 4.0, based on information gathered from internet-connected devices has been creating many opportunities and challenges, making a lot of changes in press and media area.

The trend of automation and data exchange on a large scale in manufacturing technologies brings advantages for the development process, but also impacts on the method of doing and writing news...

The development of technology and transform of journalism will create challenges in journalism training

According to the experts, with the change of reader’s approach to information, and the ways to handle and transmit information of journalists, the "handshake" between the press and social networks ..., each newspaper agency as well as journalist must make adjustments to become "multimedia" journalists.

The change in the reader’s approach to information requires journalists to make adjustments in their operations

Newspapers are making rapid changes to integrate with reality. Those changes create a significant challenge to the current journalism training in schools, institutes and centers in Vietnam, so the training units need immediate and long-term solutions, especially the need to research, review and innovate the training model to adapt to the converged editorial model, with the combination of multimedia communication. Journalism students need to experience jobs as multimedia journalists ...

By Huu Phuc