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15/04/2021 - 08:55

Adorning the living space with "macramé".

Delicacy, creativity, uniqueness... are what macramé brings to those who love this kind of arts.

From a few basic knots one can create a lot of different products

Art made by the hands

Macramé is a form of the Arabian knotting technique to create patterns when weaving fabrics. Appeared in the 13th century, however, macramé has been widely used around the world until this day. Simply understood, macramé is product made from strings by the creativity of human hands.

This type of arts has only been introduced to Vietnam for about 5 years. In Hue, macramé has been quite new. Mrs. Phan Nu Phuoc Hong, 43 years old, is one of the pioneers and has been sticking with it for 3 years. Through learning from books, newspapers, social networks, Ms. Hong has created many lovely products from macramé.

To create a macramé product, Mrs. Hong shared, is extremely simple. With the basic knots: silent knot, square knot, loop knot, Frivolité knot, Capuchin knots ... we can create a cute and pretty sophisticated product, with our own personal style.

Materials to make macramé

According to Mrs. Hong, there are many simple materials that we can easily find such as cotton cord, wooden stick, wood grain ... to make a macramé product with charming and romantic pattern. Depending on our hobbies and conditions, we can replace cotton cord with paracord or any type of string with accessories to create various macramé products.

The products made from macramé are very durable, smooth, flexible to create a variety of items for the demand of home decoration such as curtains, wall hanging, swings, plant-pot hanging ropes... or other types of accessories and jewelry such as earrings, bags, scarves ...

Currently, no machine has been invented to industrialize this product. This is also a special feature in each macramé product because it always contains the effort, spirit and uniqueness in every particular product because of the characteristics of macramé, completely hand-made.

“When tying knots, we need to tie them skillfully and evenly, then the macramé product will be more beautiful. For beginners, it only takes 25 to 30 minutes to create a simple macramé,” Mrs. Hong revealed.

Unleash the creativity

As a lecturer in the Faculty of Professional Training, Hue Junior College of Pedagogy, Mrs. Hong has learned many different necessary skills for her teaching. Macramé knotting is also one of the skills she has acquired.

In addition, she is also a co-founder of Tygon House - Center for learning skills for all ages. Here, she has organized many workshops, especially the macramé knotting technique workshop to introduce this type of art to everyone.

Macramé not only decorates the living space but also effectively helps to relax, relieve stress

Mrs. Le Thi Phuong Nam (Tay Loc Ward, Hue City) said that with the enthusiastic help of Mrs. Phan Nu Phuoc Hong, I got to know the art of macramé and learned how to tie basic knots.

“I have made a lot of products with these basic knots. In my free time, I do some research and create new products, sharing them with friends who have the same passion, in order to gain more experiences, creating more new and cutting-edge products,” Mrs. Nam said.

For Mrs. Phuoc Hong, macramé is a relaxing type of art of for all ages. Not only beautify the living space, the macramé also stimulates everyone's creativity, thereby, bringing joy and passion to those who love this type of arts.

“The products may not be perfect, but since it is made by our own efforts, created according to the preferences of each individual, we will feel very happy and will enjoy it. That is a special value that macramé brings to us," Mrs. Hong shared.

Not only used for the decoration of the living space, products made from macramé knots are also suitable for giving to relatives and friends as presents. In addition, for those who love and have a passion for business, the macramé creates endless sources of inspiration and ideas, bringing a steady source of income.

 “Hopefully, in the future, the macramé will become more popular. Macramé shows people simple and natural beauty, and offers ways to a green living space. Not only that, young people can also exploit the advantages of macramé to apply in lifestyle, tourism and business, enriching the potential of this type of art,” Mrs. Hong shared.

Story and photos: Bach Chau