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01/10/2021 - 16:34

An additional 13 art works proposed to be collected for Hue Museum of Fine Arts

On September 30, the Evaluation Council for the collection of fine art works for Hue Museum of Fine Arts has consulted and voted on the fine art works, which is expected to be collected in 2021.

The “Quietness in the Garden"

Hue Museum of Fine Arts had proposed and submitted to the Evaluation Council a list of fine art works, expected to be collected in 2021. They are 15 fine art works by artists, such as: Ton That Sa, Phan Xuan Sanh, Do Ky Hoang, Dinh Cuong, Buu Chi, Molokai, and Nguyen Hien, etc. These fine art works are in various kinds of paintings, graphics, sculptures; and rich in materials including oil paint, lacquer, silk, and wood, etc.

The Evaluation Council has highly evaluated the values of the fine art works, proposed to be collected this year. These works have high historical, cultural and artistic values, and typical styles of painters and sculptors. They are consistent with the collection criteria, and meet the research and display of Hue Museum of Fine Arts.

The Evaluation Council has unanimously selected 13 out of the 15 fine art works to propose to the Provincial People's Committee for permission to acquire them in 2021. These fine art works are the “Plough Drawing” (by Ton That Sa), the “Gối kiếm”  (by Phan Xuan Sanh), the “Origin “(by Do Ky Hoang), the “Portrait of Ngo Kha” (by Dinh Cuong), the “Thanksgiving of the K'Tu” (by Molokai), the “Nude1” (by Ho Sy Ngoc), the “Performing circus act” (by Buu Chi), the “Family” (by Nguyen Hien), the “Rain” (by Le Van Nhuong), the “Aspiration” (by Ngo Tam), the “Highway” (by To Tran Bich Thuy), the “Quietness in the Garden" and the "Tranquility” (by Nguyen Thi Hoa).

By Minh Hien