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27/03/2019 - 16:55

An exhibition highlights the movements for Vietnam war protest and Japan’s support for peace

On March 26th, Thua Thien Hue Museum of History cooperated with the War Remnants Museum of Ho Chi Minh City to launch an exhibition of “The protest wave against the US’ unjust war in Vietnam” and “Japan’s peace movement for the war in Vietnam during 1954-1975 and the Vietnam-Japan friendship”.

Audience is enjoying the photos of the movements

The exhibition with more than 400 photos and documents displayed the themes on callings for anti-war activities, parades and demonstrations, activities refusing to participate in the war, unmasking war crimes, and healing war wounds by American veterans. At the same time, it introduced the Vietnam anti-war  movement in Japan.

The exhibition aimed at conveying a message about the spirit of solidarity, the desire for peace of progressive people in the world, especially the people of the United States and Japan with their anti-war support for the Vietnamese people. It also affirmed the growth of the Vietnam-US relationship in the direction of solidarity and cooperation in many fields, and the consistent and profound friendship and good relationship between the people of Vietnam and Japan in the period of constructing and developing Vietnam.

Mr. Otani Ykio, representative of Japan’s Yamazaki Hiroaki 10-8 project, shared: “The exhibition has partially recreated an era of nearly half century with the remaining documents. It is a project that seeks to pass on the experience of the times to the next generations, not only as a temporary recall, but also as a re-evaluation of the anti-war importance in the present era.”

By Phuoc Ly