Culture Festival

29/04/2018 - 20:04

An exhibition introducing the finest ordered porcelain items

The exhibition introduces more than 70 of the most valuable pieces of the ordered porcelains of the Le - Trinh, Nguyen Lords and Nguyen dynasties which spanned over 300 years. Among these items, the focus is on 30 pieces of the ordered porcelains during the Le - Trinh period with the complete titles: Central Inner Cabinet, Right Inner Cabinet, West Inner Cabinet, East Inner Cabinet, etc.

Dr. Tran Duc Anh Son introduces the cultural values of artifacts

Many items, estimated at more than 2 billion VND, are first shown in Hue for the public to enjoy. Representatives of the ordered porcelains during the Nguyen period are the items under the reigns of Kings Gia Long, Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, Tu Duc and Khai Dinh. These items were once used by the Nguyen dynasty kings.

Ordered porcelain is the name of a type of porcelain that Vietnamese people (including kings, mandarins, and commoners) ordered at Chinese pottery kilns, with their own requirements for designs, colors, decorative patterns, poetry and illustrations; suitable for the taste, aesthetics and demand of the Vietnamese.

The public viewing the artifacts

As regards the Le - Trinh period, this is the most valuable collection of the ordered porcelains. This series of porcelains was ordered by the Le - Trinh court in Thang Long, over a hundred years earlier than those ordered by the Nguyen dynasty. Over the course of time, they have become increasingly rarer to find.

"Having existed for over 300 years, the ordered porcelains have become precious artifacts, holding valuable cultural, artistic and economic values, which are attracting both domestic and foreign antique collectors.  Hopefully, the Exhibition of the ordered porcelains during the Le - Trinh, Nguyen and Nguyen dynasties is an opportunity for the public and visitors to learn about and enjoy the beauty of the quintessence of the past,” said Dr. Tran Duc Anh Son, curator of the exhibition.

The line of the ordered porcelains during the Le - Trinh period (with gold edges)

The exhibition is organized by the Hue Monuments Conservation Center and antiques collectors, including Nguyen Cong Tuan and Ngo Van Truong (Hanoi City), Nguyen Huu Hoang (Hue City). The exhibition is held at Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities as part of Hue Festival 2018.

Enjoy the exhibition "The ordered porcelains of the Le-Trinh, Nguyen and Nguyen dynasties" through some pictures:

The ordered porcelains during the reign of Trinh Lord

Cigar smoking pipe (ordered porcelain during the reign of King Gia Long)

Thong - ordered porcelain during the reign of King Minh Mang

Flower vase decorated with a five-color glaze (ordered porcelains during the reign of King Thieu Tri)

By Đồng Văn