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14/02/2018 - 23:46

An experience in Pearl Island

Son Cha – Pearl Island at the bottom of Mount Hai Van (Lang Co Town, Phu Loc District) has been little known. Yet it is unforgettable for those who have experienced an exploring tour to this rare charming wild.

It was young Tran Quoc Hung who awakened this unique tourism potential with all his heartfelt love for the marine and island. “All is affinity, in which there is inevitably love for the homeland as a determination to affirm the sovereignty of the island,” Hung said.

Visitors pose for photos on the wild beach

Lost in another world

The pleasure of fishing on the sea attracts Hung to the charm of the island and marine tourism. He was inspired by the marvelous scenery, especially the attractive wild of the luster Pearl Island – Bai Chuoi (‘Banana Beach’) after the fishing trips with friends. With his intrinsic love for the sea, Hung immediately thought of starting a tour for visitors to experience.

After months going back and forth for investigation, Hung was confident that the sea around Son Cha - Pearl Island is very diverse in biology as it is the interface between the tropical and subtropical climates. Despite its width of about 1.5 square kilometres, Son Cha - Pearl Island has a biodiversity no less inferior to any famous sea throughout the country.

There are 144 species of coral, 135 species of seaweed and 162 species of fish. The colour of the coral reefs, and of hundreds of species of fish, sea anemones and sea creatures create a colourful picture shimmering from the bottom of the water. In addition, the topography of the rocks piling up to the clouds. It is amazing to walk barefoot on the rocks, quietly listening to the waves “whispering” at the feet.

Visitors are excited to prepare dishes of seafood caught by themselves

To ensure his success, Hung went to Vung Tau, Khanh Hoa, and Thailand to learn from the experience in running tourism business. In March 2016, Hung decided to launch Lang Co Bien Xanh Company, specializing in tourism with professional sea sports services. Unfortunately, no sooner had his family and friends, as well as local authorities, cheered for his business than the environment disaster in Ha Tinh affected Lang Co. This makes visitors hesitant to experience tours. Undaunted, he continued researching and find ways out in the low season.

The tour resumed after the sea was declared to be safe in 2017. Hung and his coworkers took visitors to Son Cha – Pearl Island. He also cooperated with tourism companies to take thousands of visitors to dive and enjoy the coral.

Attractive water sports such as Jet ski and pulling banana-tree rafts

Fantastic experience

There is more and more positive feedback on the novelty and uniqueness of the tour from domestic and international tourists. Not only are they exposed to a diverse ecosystem, but they also have the opportunity to prepare meals from the local fresh seafood.

Vo Hien (from Hue) compared the splendidness of Son Cha – Pearl Island to that of Phu Quoc, Nha Trang or Con Dao. “The sea here is both beautiful and clean. I enjoy swimming and seeing the train crossing Hai Van Pass,” he said with excitement.

Young businessman Tran Quoc Hung, who always accompanies visitors in diving tours

Like Hien, those who have ever been here find that they seem lost in a world surrounded by blue sea and white sand with ideal beaches. In addition, there are caves in the middle of the sea, creating the majestic scenery. “There’s nothing worthier than spending holidays here after stressful workdays. I’ll be back and recommend it to friends,” assured Tran Anh Son, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City.

The Vice-Director of the Provincial Department of Tourism, Nguyen Van Phuc, who has experience in special tours, appraised the novelty and success of this service. He said that Tran Quoc Hung was bold to invest in this type of attractive tour regardless of initial hiccups.

Attractive water sports such as Jet ski and pulling banana-tree rafts

The tour service has been appreciated by travel agencies, journalists and businesses. It is also distinctive compared to traditional sea tours that emphasizes relaxation and seafood enjoyment. “This type of tour brings the freshness of joy. The activities such as high speed canoeing, Jet ski, pulling banana-tree rafts, and diving attract tourists most, especially the young people,” said Nguyen Van Phuc.

Young businessman Tran Quoc Hung plans to invest in more facilities, accommodations and service promotion. “It’s good news that several travel agencies have contracted to send visitors here this summer, reaching thousands of arrivals. It’s both pleasure and responsibility of my own and my company to ensure the service quality for tourists. In addition, every time I take visitors to the island, it reminds me of the love for the sea and island, as well as the mission to spread this love to everyone,” Hung said.

Visitors diving to see coral in Pearl Island

Visitors to Lang Co in the summer of 2018 will have the opportunity to experience interesting water sports and activities such as Jet ski, kayaking, and camping, apart from relaxation.

By Thai Binh