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17/11/2018 - 15:58

An experience with "Union Trade Coach”

Unlike the ordinary shuttle coaches, the workers of Hue Scavi Company (Phong Dien Industrial Park) had an enjoyable opportunity of experiencing the "Union Trade Coach" organized by the Provincial Labor Federation (PLF).

Departure from Phong Dien Industrial Park back to Hue City

On the occasion of the "Union Trade Coach” launch, on last November 2, the Organizing Committee members were in an eager and slightly anxious mood. Everybody was present very early for preparation at the worker shuttle coach park of Hue Scavi Company before the shift termination time.

Everybody was present at the worker shuttle coach park of Hue Scavi Company

In the meantime, Ms. Le Thi Thu Nam, Head of Household Arts Board of the PLF, said that despite the two-time pilot operations, specific preparations were made over the last many days for the launch coach to run successfully, creating efficiency in communications in order to attract workers.

The bell of shift termination rang. The flow of multitudinous workers gradually rushed to the gate. As usual, workers quickly found the right bus to go home, but the special appearance of the "Union Trade Coach” back to Hue City attracted no little attention and curiosity. Many young workers with curiosity got on the bus without hesitation, ready to experience. Soon, the coach was full.

We took advantage of the opportunity to talk to the first person getting on the coach, Ms. Le Thi Tuyet Mai (aged 25). Ms. Mai said that the "Union Trade Coach” sign in front of the coach made her boldly join in. The Trade Union organization often does the life care activities for workers at the company; perhaps this coach is no exception.

Trade union officers handed out the leaflets propagandizing the trade unionist benefit program

The car started rolling; the suffocating, tiring atmosphere was quickly dissipated by a cheerleading male MC in the trade union blue shirt. The prize quiz with many questions about the issues: labor legislation knowledge, labor safety and hygiene, traffic safety, health care and so on, warmed up the quiet atmosphere on the coach.

As soon as the first question about the role and position of the Trade Union organization was posed, many arms were raised. Worker Pham Cong Phu gave a quick and exact answer, and drew a ballot of a VND-50,000 reward together with a gift.

Another worker answered the question about the social insurance premium rate and got the "Good luck next time" ballot. MC joked, “Ten sewing machines”, which made everyone on the coach burst into laughing.

For giving extra information, Mr. Tran Huu Cao, Chairman of the Trade Union of the Economic-Industrial Zone of the province provided detailed information on the social insurance policy, while pointing out the disadvantages when the workers select the form of receiving money once. This is a premeditated way of propaganda for workers to absorb the knowledge more effectively.

The coach trip continued with many questions about maternity leave, shift meal allowance, collective labor agreement ... and factual situations. Some workers initially timid were gradually attracted by the enjoyable questions and MC’s appealing presentation.

After each question, the number of raised arms increased more. An hour of moving from Phong Dien Industrial Park to Hue City seemed to be shorter than usual. At the end of the trip, many workers seemed regretful.

Excitedly answering the questions

Ms. Tran Thi Ngoc Hien (aged 24), a worker at Hue Scavi Company, said that on the way back I usually slept or focused on using smartphone, but the “Union Trade Coach" brought the moments of relaxation after a hard work shift. In addition, the questions in the quiz helped me better understand the policies related to the workers’ interests. This is the knowledge many workers ignored due to little time to learn about. "If the coach trip continues to be organized, I volunteer to become a loyal customer and ask my coworkers to join in"

As the author of the ​​"Trade Union coach" idea, Ms. Thu Nam said that with the desire to innovate the content and form of propaganda for laborers in accordance with the current situation, the idea of ​​mobile propaganda on the coach was formed. This is an effective form of propaganda, creating the interaction through the quiz, and generating excitement among workers after hours of hard work.

After the coach launch, the comments will be received to improve the quality and supplement the bank of diverse questions about the real-life situations to increase propaganda efficiency.

According to Nguyen Khoa Hoai Huong, Chairman of the PLF, the "Union Trade Coach” is an initiative, a model of enthusiasm developed by the PLF officials to renovate the dissemination, propaganda and improvement of laborers’ knowledge of  the Party's policies and lines, the State's policies and laws and the knowledge related to the interests and responsibilities of the laborers.

In the coming time, the PLF will continue to put into operation many Trade Union coaches in the regular or irregular monthly form to serve the laborers in the economic and industrial zones in the province. This keeps workers relaxed after hours of work and equipped with the necessary knowledge to protect their own interests.

Story and photo by MINH NGUYEN