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29/12/2022 - 15:09

An original painting of Emperor Ham Nghi to be displayed

This is an untitled painting, which was painted by Emperor Ham Nghi during his exile in Algeria.

The painting received by Hue Monuments Conservation Center. Photo: Hue Monuments Conservation Center

The painting, with a size of 30 high and 45 wide, is the depiction of a European countryside landscape with soft grass, lake and mountain. The artwork has been donated to Hue Monuments Conservation Center by the descendants of Emperor Ham Nghi.

The painting has arrived in Hue, and will be introduced to the public at the exhibition space "Emperor Ham Nghi, life and art". The exhibition space is scheduled to open on January 10, 2023 at Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities, on the 80th death anniversary of Emperor Ham Nghi (1944 - 2023).

At this exhibition space, the public can also learn about the patriotic Emperor’s life via images of his life since his ascendancy to the throne, the anti-French colonialist war of resistance, the exile in Algiers, the capital of the Algeria, and 31 copies of art works, which are paintings and statues, created by the Emperor in Algiers.

Emperor Ham Nghi was born in 1871, whose real name was Nguyen Phuc Ung Lich, was the 8th Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. In 1884, Emperor Ham Nghi ascended the throne. In 1885, he launched the Can Vuong Royal Decree against the French colonialists, and was arrested in 1888. After that, the Emperor was exiled in Algiers, and died there in 1944.

During his exile, Emperor Ham Nghi learned to paint and sculpt, and left many valuable artworks.