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19/09/2017 - 10:39

Announcement of mineral planning

Planning for exploration, exploitation and utilization of mineral resources to 2020, with an orientation to 2030 of the province was announced by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment on September 18.

Mineral resources are exploited and used effectively for key projects in the province. Photo: Hoai Thuong

Specifically, the planning includes 86 zones of mineral mines and land exploited for leveling materials with a total area of ​​more than 1,319 ha. Among them, there are 28 quarries of ordinary building materials with estimated stockpile of nearly 65 million m3, 3 peat field areas with estimated reserves of over 1.8 million tons; 15 clay field areas for bricks and tiles with estimated reserves of over 6.9 million m3; 5 scattered small mineral mines with an area of ​​38.6 ha, and 35 mines of soil used as leveling materials with a estimated reserves of over 51.5 million m3.

Many solutions on mechanism, policy, environmental protection, environmental restoration, capital, technology, equipment ... are also offered to implement the planning effectively.

By Hoai Thuong