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18/10/2021 - 15:50

Ao dai by the Dinh lang Viet club

"Ao Dai Đình làng Việt" is the next topic of the online exhibition "Hue - The Capital of Ao dai Vietnam" just introduced by the Department of Culture and Sports on its website and social networking sites.

The five-paneled ao dai. Photo: Doan Quang

Đình làng Việt club (whose name literally translated to English as the Communal House of Viet Villages) was established in 2014 with nearly 30,000 members who love Vietnamese heritage and traditional culture. With a view to bringing the tight-sleeved five-paneled costume back to life, in 2015, the club has publicly called for the restoration of the costume by making and wearing the five-paneled ao dai following the style of costumes under the reign of Lord Nguyễn Phúc Khoát.

In 2017, the club established a Center to support the development of traditional five-paneled ao dai, encourage ao dai wearers to have their costume sewed with the nation’s aesthetics to gradually bring this type of costume back in accordance with modern life. With many activities, Đình làng Việt Club is accompanying Hue in pioneering the revival of the traditional Ao Dai.

By Minh Hien