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10/11/2021 - 17:04

Ao dai is the highlight in response to the 22nd Vietnam Film Festival

Responding to the 22nd Vietnam Film Festival taking place from November 18 to 20 in Hue, many activities to promote and honor Ao dai will be held by the Department of Culture and Sports.

Practicing for Community Ao dai show named “Hue people and Ao dai”

Accordingly, the night “Ao dai and Cinema” taking place on the evening of  November 18 at Hue Music Academy will have the performances of collections of various famous designers such as Vu Viet Ha, Huynh Le Bao Ngoc, Tran Thien Khanh, Quang Hoa, and Vo Quang Phat, etc.

The program will introduce to guests and the audiences participating in the film festival various unique Ao dai designs including five-panel Ao dai, traditional Ao dai, modern Ao dai, etc., through the collections: Ao dai Vietnam over the years, Five-panel Ao dai for men and women, Hue in four flower-seasons, Silk and Hand Embroidery, Ao dai and Cinema, etc.

The community program “Hue people and Ao dai” which will be held on November 19 is a series of inspirational activities about Ao dai with high interaction. It covers the main activities such as displaying, organizing Ao dai exhibitions combined with the activities on performing the process of making conical hats, embroidery, sewing Ao dai, making paper flowers on the campus of Hue Music Academy; performing Flash Mob dance while wearing Ao dai for men and women at Quoc Hoc Memorial Stele and Half-moon Ironwood Bridge, etc.

On this occasion, the Department of Culture and Sports will launch the week “Hue people wearing Ao dai” from the day of the Film Festival to the day of Vietnam Cultural Heritage (expected from November 17 to 23), encouraging local people in the provincial area such as official workers, traders, teachers, and the cadres working in the sectors of culture and sports, tourism, and heritage, etc., wear Ao dai to attend events and go to work.

By Minh Hien