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24/04/2019 - 09:35

"Ao dai on the heritage road"

This is the theme of the Ao Dai Festival held at 20:00 on April 28 at Ngo Mon in the framework of Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2019.

The collection  "Honoring traditional materials to repel fake silk" by designer Viet Bao will be showcased at the Traditional Craft Festival 2019

Through 7 Traditional Craft Festivals, this year, with the theme "Ao Dai on the heritage road", visitors will have the chance to admire 16 collections of special Ao Dai of 17 designers with the participation of 200 actors and models in the country.

16 collections of well-known designers such as Cao Duy, Viet Bao, Ngoc Han, Nhi Hoang, Phuong Thanh and Minh Hanh ... will showcase the heritage beauty with traditional silk materials.

As one of Hue's designers participating in this year’s ao dai festival, designer Viet Bao chose the theme "Honoring traditional materials to repel fake silk". The collection is inspired by Nguyen Dynasty art, vividly expressed through 30 impressive designs.

According to designer Viet Bao, one of Hue's outstanding legacies is the Nguyen Dynasty art, in which the beauty of decorative sculpture on the Imperial Citadel has made a clear imprint. Therefore, it has been used subtly on the ao dai designs. In addition, on the designs are decorative patterns of the spiritual animals, flowers, decorative motifs, and etc., which have been stylized.

Designer Minh Hanh, General Director of the Ao Dai Festival, says that with the theme "Ao Dai on the heritage road", this year's Ao Dai festival aims to introduce famous landscapes on the Central heritage road of Vietnam. These landscapes include the Citadel of the Ho Dynasty of Thanh Hoa, vi dam folk song of Nghe Tinh, Phong Nha - Ke Bang cave complex in Quang Binh, the Nguyen Dynasty monuments in Hue, Hoi An ancient town of Quang Nam, My Son Sanctuary…   These are difficult topics for fashion designers, but the organizing committee wishes the development start from the foundation and include thinking and research. Ao dai with no theme cannot be put on the runway. The new and difficult topics are the catalysts that heighten the stature of the annual ao dai festival and meet the expectations of visitors.

By Ho Huong