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23/02/2022 - 07:59

Ao Dai show by Thanh Toan Tile-Roofed Bridge 

An art show called "Khai xuân chợ quê ngày hội". (Spring Opening of the Country’s Fair and Festival) took place at Thanh Toan Farm Tools Gallery, of the Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge community tourist attraction (Thuy Thanh commune - Huong Thuy town) on the night of February 21.

Ao Dai fashion show is the most expected part

This is one of the key lead-in programs before the "Country’s Fair and Festival - Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge 2022" officially opened on the morning of February 22.

Apart from extraordinary dance performances praising the culture, beautiful scenery and the people of Hue, the program also featured performances of Nhật Bình Ao Dai, Ngũ Thân Ao Dai (Five-parts Ao Dai), long-sleeved Ngũ Thân Ao Dai with phoenix-adorned sleeves. The activities helped cheer up the atmosphere and generate enthusiasm prior to the opening of the “Country Market Festival”.

Mr. Le Viet Nhat, from Thuy Duong Ward,  Huong Thuy Town, commented: “The show is quite impressive, especially the Ao dai collections. After a COVID-19 stricken period, activities like these will help not only Thuy Thanh, Huong Thuy in particular, but also Thue Thien Hue in general, to return to its bustling scene with vibrant sports and cultural activities, motivating people to push forward economic recovery in the new normal".

"Spring Opening of the Country’s Fair and Festival" is a part of the "Country’s Fair and Festival - Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge 2022”, a festival to celebrate the announcement of Huong Thuy Town completing the “New Community Movement” program and receiving the Third-Class Independence Medal on February 24.

Images from the “Spring Opening of the Country Market Festival”:

"Beautiful scenery of Hue" performance opened the art show

The first Ao dai of the show

One of the Ngũ Thân Ao Dai for women

Reserved and graceful

Ngũ Thân Ao Dai in exquisite red

Ngũ Thân Ao Dai for men is also delicate

Men can still move freely in Ngũ Thân Ao Dai

Ao Dai in family life

Majestic Nhật Bình Ao Dai

The program contributes to the honouring and spreading the Ao Dai of Hue

By Han Dang