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05/08/2021 - 09:03

Appointing to meet at A Lin stream

The clear water flows between mossy rocks, at the foot of the green forest. The laughter of children bathing and playing in the stream makes A Lin stream (Trung Son commune, A Luoi) cooler in the middle of summer.

From A Luoi town, going along Ho Chi Minh asphalt road, passing through Hong Kim commune one will come to Trung Son commune. When arriving in Ta Ay Ta village, visitors will see a sign showing the way to "A Lin stream community tourist spot".

From here, turn into the inter-village road, through the gentle cassava fields, going about 700 meters, you will reach the stream bank, where there is a new row of huts for guests to rest.

It was the weekend. From early in the morning, all 5 huts have been reserved  by customers "from Hue" to "book in advance". They also ordered grilled chicken, embers-grilled duck and steamed sticky rice from fragrant sticky rice grown in the mountain fields.

The calmness of the forest growing on the mossy rocky slopes of the stream is "broken" by the bright sunshine and the laughter. Each group of visitors is guided to the hut.

There are people sitting in the huts, peacefully listening to the sound of the stream with children playing and swimming, sometimes splashing water on each other with great pleasure. Sometimes they unintentionally smiled very lightly when caught sight of a young girl sitting on a stone in the middle of the stream, posing for picture with a pretty umbrella, which made the stream look youthful.

Visitors to A Lin stream

Suddenly meeting an acquaintance "from Hue city", he grinned and said that the steep road winding between the hills and mountains, with the slopes of the reeds, suddenly became a strange and eager excitement for the children of some families. The hot summer is sometimes scorching.

But as soon as I arrived in A Luoi, the air was cool. The cool wind from the forest, from the stream, and the pristine beauty of nature make people feel like they have all their fatigue, worries, busy livingrelaxed and energized. Perhaps, this is the "reason" for tourists to come to A Lin stream and attractive streams and waterfalls in the middle of A Luoi mountains and forests.

According to Ms. Le Thi Them, Head of Culture and Information Office of A Luoi district: In order to develop the local tourism industry, Trung Son Commune People's Committee has established A Lin Stream Community Tourism Development Cooperative, which manages and regulates the local tourism activities here. This new tourist destination was inaugurated in early July, and, it is always crowded on weekends up to now.

In addition to the huts right next to the stream, serving guests to rest after bathing and enjoy local specialties, the commune is planning to plant flowers along the village road from Ho Chi Minh Road leading to the stream area.

Currently, the commune is building toilet area , including dressing room. The locality will plant flowers, create a beautiful landscape around the village community house, invest in blankets, sheets, pillows and mattresses. And this place will be the cultural homestay imbued with the cultural characteristic of the Co Tu ethnic group when guests have the need to stay and enjoy the night amidst the mountains, listening to the murmuring stream in the air along with the mountain wind.

Just imagining the poetic night by A Lin stream, my soul has been hooked on the lyrics of the song "Trang Mo Ben Suoi" (Dim moon by the bank of the spring) by the musician Le Mong Nguyen, earnestly saying that "nguoi hen cung ta den ben bo suoi" (You made an appointment with me to the bank of the spring).

Story and photos: Quynh Anh