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12/05/2021 - 09:48

April awards for “Hue in me” contest announced

The Department of Tourism has just announced the April awards of the online photo and video contest "Hue in me", with the theme "Tam Giang Lagoon - Cầu Hai Lagoon".

Thuan An beach. Photo:N.H

Based on the number of reaches for photo entries on Facebook and views for video entries on Tiktok, the first prize went to photo entry entitled “Dawn on Tam Giang Lagoon” by Hoàng Ngọc Quý with nearly 43,000 reaches, and video entry “Rú Chá in leaf-changing season” by Trần Đình Đức Hiếu with nearly 79,000 views.

After announcing the April awards, the organizers of the "Hue in me" online photo and video contest continued to receive works for the theme of May called "Beautiful beaches in Hue".

By Duc Quang