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01/08/2022 - 08:51

Art club “Nhanh co non” (Young palm leaf) established

The Union of Arts and Literature Associations and Hue Children's House have just launched an art club called “Nhanh co non” or “the young palm leaves”, to foster children's art movement in Hue city.

The club now has 27 members selected from 120 students via registration. These are students in drawing classes at Hue Children's House, and those who are passionate and gifted in art at secondary schools in Hue city.

After the establishment, the club will organize play-based learning activities to enhance practice, experience, and outdoor activities. This will also be a place for sharing and exchanging between generations of artists, art-majored students, and children, helping them to learn and practice more art-related knowledge and skills, as well as discover and foster individual artistic talents.

By Minh Hien