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29/04/2019 - 19:42

Art kites fly high 

This activity takes place from April 26 till the end of May 2 at Phu Van Lau and Ly Tu Trong parks.

The kites fly high in blazing sunshine

In each afternoon during the time of Traditional Craft Festival 2019, the people with passion gather together to fly the kites in different shapes and designs to serve viewers.

Currently, kites flying not only seems like a pleasure, but it is also called as “a puppetry art in the air”. Each kite is an artwork, bearing the typical features, as well as its own colors, size, and type.

In recent years, in every festival, Hue kites have chances to fly high to serve viewers. At the exhibitions, during the festivals, Hue kites might become a brand name and a cultural feature of the Ancient Capital. 

The photos of Hue Kite Festival at Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2019

All of the steps to make a Hue kite are done manually

Before getting into the air, the kite is sophisticatedly decorated by the players, etc. 

… and it is also tethered very carefully

Holding the kite up against the wind…

 “The national flag” is flying in the sky of the Ancient Capital

The couple of kites are as beautiful as Strephon and Chloe

It is needed to have passion and patience to be a kite player

The kite in dragon shape attracts the attention of the children

Buying a kite and flying it with mother to respond to the Traditional Craft Festival

By L. Tho