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24/12/2018 - 08:22

Artistic creativity associated with business

While Hue has not had many opportunities to access contemporary trends in art, international exhibitions are like an interesting and multi-faceted supplement about integration and development of art and serve as initiation for creativity.

The work by Baek Junekee from Korea

New trends in art

As part of the collaboration between the College of Arts, Hue University and the council of the international exhibition, “2018 Pacific Rim” was held at Ho Chi Minh Museum, Hue City, from 21st-24th November. 84 works by 82 artists from 7 countries including Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, China, Japan, Canada and Russia are of artistic value and with deep aesthetic appeal, reflecting their new thinking about art.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Thanh Binh, Rector of the College of Arts, Korean artists’ creativity is full of breakthroughs and commitment to the new through their modern ways of expression and outlooks. Their contemporary trend can be seen in their works about the youth with pop, hip-hop, and unconventional fashion.

Thai artists brought to the exhibition interior ornaments, their traditional art and Japanese Haku-styled pottery, which is pretty, well refined and softened. They also tend to remake jewelry with a different perspective. Chinese artists, on the other hand, are still pioneers in the art of painting mountains and rivers in the style of contemporary improvisation.

In April, an exhibition specializing in book art was held for the first time at the College of Arts with the participation of artist lecturers from Bunditpattanasilpa Institute, Thailand. They brought to the public another form, another breath and another view of art. With familiar, everyday topics such as dreams, leaves, flowers, nets, fish eyes on the beach, elephants in the park etc., they created impressive artworks using exquisite techniques.

To painters and lecturers from the College of Arts in particular and Hue artists in general, international exhibitions are like forums for them to exchange experience and learn new ideas about art from international artists. "In terms of art, we see in international artists a sense of creativity and responsibility. They are deeply concerned about the inner world and human life. Some extremely simple things can become artworks that move human beings,” said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Thanh Binh.

International exhibitions initiate creativity in art

Change in the way to access things

If Hue artists are usually inclined towards realism with mature and big-sized works, international artists bring pottery vases and designs that combine painting, sculpture and decorative art. Function and access to art are flexible. They did not mean to mention too vague and idealistic matters, but real life and specific human mood. Everything that is attached to the daily life of man is viewed from the perspective of humane art.

As perceived by artists, international exhibitions bring a new and different view of art in the world. When Hue has not had many opportunities to access modern trends in art, especially contemporary art, international exhibitions are an interesting supplement, necessary for art development. It then will bring about changes in creativity as well as international integration.

"International artists have a different view of their thinking and techniques. They use materials which are suitable for modern life. Their works are simple and concise. Even the way they hang their works reflects their simple thinking. They do not view art as pure, but follow the visual art full of flexibility. It is a new way to create beauty. It is time for us to change and take in that trend,” said Nguyen Duc Huy the painter, Head of Science, Technology and International Cooperation Department, College of Arts.

The biggest difference is that, through the "Pacific Rim 2018" exhibition, artists begin to realize the existence of an art industry which stands behind, supports and encourages artists to create and organize large-scaled exhibitions. So far annual exhibitions have been held by the Provincial Fine Arts Association with too little money. Association members consider them as annual reunions just for fun. Few artists think of their works as a turning point or for sale though they are really talented artists. 

“Hue artists are still alone in dealing with modern tendency. They do not have opportunities to access the art industry as well as financial policies. They paint and display their works, but they are not sure there will be buyers. With the modest budget of the Fine Arts Association, it is impossible to do bigger things. It is this weakness that needs overcoming. It is time to make a change so that artists can access entrepreneurs and painting collectors. They should paint not to satisfy common aesthetic needs only, but to target specific objects. Only when artists know how to link their creativity with business do they encourage art development,” said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Thanh Binh.

Story and photos: Trang Hien