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03/08/2022 - 15:31

Associating socio-economic development with cultural development

On the afternoon of August 2nd, the delegation led by National Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan had a meeting with Hue Monuments Conservation Center.

Vice President encouraging the staff of Hue Monuments Conservation Center

Exchanging with the delegation led by Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan, Mr. Hoang Viet Trung, Director of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, said that Hue cultural heritage had passed the emergency period and moved to a new sustainable and stable phase. Almost all of the heritage relics have been frequently conserved by using anti-leak, anti-collapse, anti-termite and reinforcement treatments, and aging parts being replaced.

In terms of intangible cultural heritage, a total of 200 works and items whose conservation is under the responsibility of Hue Monuments Conservation Center have been restored and embellished; and over 1800 households have been shifted away from Sector I for the sake of the heritage preservation.

Since 2019, Hue Monuments Conservation Center has cooperated with Hue City to conduct the Conservation and Embellishment Project of Hue Citadel which involves land clearance and households shift away from Sector I of Hue Citadel within the Complex of Hue Monuments.

Accordingly, the shift of 4914 households will be conducted in phase 1 of the project. Until now, over 3000 households have been shifted, with 1880 billion VND being allocated and nearly 1600 billion VND having been disbursed. Together with the restoration of the heritage, the surrounding landscape of the heritage has also been synchronously invested.

Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan giving souvenirs to Directorate of Hue Monuments Conservation Center

Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan praising and highly appreciating the on-going conservation and restoration practices of the Province. 

With the Party’s determining culture as the society’s mental foundation, and both a target and an important driving force for the development as well, Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan affirmed that culture always played a crucial role. “Thua Thien Hue is conducting the Resolution No. 54 of the Politburo of the Communist Party, so the cultural preservation in general becomes extremely significant,” emphasized Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan.

Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan requested the Province to continue focusing on developing its human resources for the cultural sector; educating and training the state managers and artists; craftsmen and craftswomen, as well as actors and actresses; continuing the research into new areas of technology and science, as well as international cooperation in preserving cultural values; researching approaches to conserving intangible cultural heritage.

Story and photos: LE THO