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21/08/2017 - 09:27

Attractive aerial yoga

On the afternoons of the weekends, at the Provincial Sports Center (1 Ha Huy Tap street, Hue city), the practicing place of yoga enthusiasts, there have appeared new exercises. In these ones, the practitioners poise in the air, on the colorful silks trips instead of the mats.

The meditation and upside down postures in mid-air, which seem to be difficult to perform, are fluently implemented by the yoga practitioners. Ms. Ho Thi Nhu Mai, a yoga trainer, Director of New Vitality Yoga Center introduced: "This is aerial yoga, which is very new and has been imported into Hue for nearly 2 years. It is suitable for all people."

Aerial yoga also attracts kids

The equipment of aerial yoga is quite simple, consisting of five silk strips; two of them for hands, two others for legs and a hammock. Silk strips fixed to the ceiling provide the supports for the practitioners. They help the practitioners have the strong fulcra when performing the postures. According to Ms. Mai, this yoga is from India, initially used only one strip for practice, but when it is imported into Vietnam, the yoga trainers add more strips so as to create the solidity, as well as the safety for the practitioners.

Since this type of yoga first appeared in Hue, many young people have enjoyed the strange-looking aerial postures, creating a new trend among them. Le Thi My Thuong (Xuan Phu ward, Hue city) shared: "I have been practicing yoga for many years, but only on the mat. When aerial yoga came to Hue, I gave it a try out of curiosity and found it very interesting. It makes me self-confident and helps burn lots of energy. All of these things make me passionate about the yoga. In comparison to the normal yoga, aerial yoga helps the practitioners develop self-confidence and self-mastery, which is very meaningful in daily life."

According to yoga trainers, aerial yoga exercises are a combination of many different yoga postures, the practitioners feel their bodies stretched and moving gently in the air. In addition, this yoga helps the body to be calm, concentrate and muscles become toned. "The practitioners will feel confident after successful implementing the aerial postures that come with the feelings of nerves and excitement. However, people with high blood pressure, cataracts and pregnant women should not practice this sport," said Phan Minh Triet, a yoga trainer.

In addition to the special feelings, some exercises of aerialyoga also improve health, reduce the symptoms of pathologies. The aerial postures help open the back and shoulders area; the upside down exercises on the strips help the circulatory system work better; silk strips keep the back straight, as well as improving spinal pain.... Ms. Tran Thi Vy (62 years old, living in Phu Hoa ward, Hue city) shared: "I suffered from rheumatism and spinal stenosis and was treated for many times. But since I started doing aerial yoga, my health has become much better. Before practicing this yoga, I was advised not to do hard postures by the doctors. I do yoga every week and spend about one hour practicing yoga on Sundays."

Meditation on the ropes

Most of the exercises of aerial yoga are in the air, so the postures become much more difficult than those of the yoga on the floors, the practitioners need total concentration. The trainees can easily get soft tissue injuries when they have not yet been familiar with the postures. “To learn aerial yoga, the trainers must have experience and control of their trainees’ exercises. The trainees need to be reminded of important techniques. If they are not familiar with basic yoga, they should spend enough time practicing so as to avoid unexpected accidents," Mai said.

Although aerial yoga is new, it has attracted both the youth and the elder with remedies for middle-aged aches and pains. From the trend, it has become the passion of many people and even created joy for the kids. Nguyen Trinh Ha My (8 years old) said: "My mother has taken me to this yoga class for nearly 2 years. I have practiced aerial yoga recently and had fun with it. It helps me improve my health, sleep well and focus better on studying.”

Aerial Yoga is also known as hammock yoga, rope yoga, antigravity yoga, one of the six new yoga trends in 2016. This yoga is a series of yoga exercises done with the help of a special tool, which is the hammock. This hammock can withstand loads of hundreds of kilograms, allowing the practitioners to perform aerial postures such as hovering, reducing stress and pressure on the practitioners’ bone joints.

Story and photos: Quynh Vien