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16/11/2022 - 15:50

Auction of “Hoàng đế chi bảo” gold seal canceled

Subsequent to reaching an agreement with Vietnam, on the evening of November 15, Millon Auction House officially announced the auction cancellation of the “Hoàng đế chi bảo” (Emperor’s treasure) gold seal.

“Hoàng đế chi bảo” (Emperor’s treasure) gold seal

On the evening of November 15, according to Vietnam time, the Millon Auction House website (Paris, France) announced that the public auction of the “Hoàng đế chi bảo”  gold seal scheduled to take place on November 18 will be officially canceled.

The reason offered by the Millon Auction House was that it reached a private agreement with the State of Vietnam and the heirs of Emperor Bao Dai to "repatriate" the seal to Vietnam.

One day earlier, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism provided information about the successful initial negotiation with the Millon Auction House on the repatriation of the gold seal to Vietnam in accordance with the laws of the two countries. 

Dr. Phan Thanh Hai, Director of the Provincial Department of Culture and Sports rejoiced at the above information. According to Mr. Hai, "The fact that the negotiation arrived at a consensus and reached an agreement as above is by no means simple". He also hopes that the remaining procedures will be smoothly resolved so that the  “Hoàng đế chi bảo”  gold seal will soon return to Vietnam.

The “Hoàng đế chi bảo” seal was once auctioned by Millon Auction House with a starting price of 2 - 3 million EURS (about 49-73 billion VND). The auction time was initially announced to be October 31, then moved to November 10, and afterward to November 18 before the official announcement of the auction cancellation on November 15.

Information on the auction cancellation of the “Hoàng đế chi bảo” seal  was posted on the Millon Auction House website

Mr. Phan Thanh Hai said this is not only the biggest and most beautiful gold seal of the Nguyen Dynasty but also an antique of great value in terms of Vietnamese culture and history in the near-modern period.

“Hoàng đế chi bảo” seal cast by King Minh Mang in 1823 in ten-year-old gold, weighing 10.78kg had a critically important function associated with the public and political activities of the Nguyen Dynasty.

By N. Minh