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31/12/2019 - 21:25

Awaiting "Green Hue" – a special publication to be issued on 3/1/2020

Welcoming the Lunar New Year this year, we will publish a special issue with the theme "Green Hue" which aligns with Thua Thien Hue province’s theme and goal in the journey to build Hue - a heritage Central city, a green-clean-bright city.

The cover of the Canh Ty New Year 2020 issue

With 60 pages, the publication “Green Hue” brings together the best and most excellent articles that we have carefully selected, edited, and implemented from famous writers across the country and even the Vietnamese collaborators abroad.

They include "The breath of cool air" by Tran Chien, "Calling spring " by Hoang Mai, "The raindrops across the river" by Dong Ha, "Jam for the king" - Minh Hien, "Green Hue" - Tran Kiem Doan, "From cleaning up rubbish to building smart cities" - Thuy Tien, "The base to take off" - Nguyen Duc, "The old clothes live on" - Hoang Thi Tho, "Hue - a green space" - Le Duc Duc, "Starting the passionate love song" - Nguyen Trong Chuc, "Graham’s destiny with Hue" - Ngoc Ha, "Green economy, green life" - Hoang Giang, "Hue growing from real estate - Why not? - Ta Thi Ngoc Thao, "Awakening Hue temple" - Dien Thong, "Hue - A heritage city, a happy land" - Tran Dinh Hang, "Green Hue, green from the heart" - Ta viet Anh, "Hue is no longer unsure" -The Chi Tay, "That river in me" - Phi Tan, "Ao dai in the Lunar New Year” - Tam Hue, "The imprint of a village in Hue city" - Minh Tu, "Green growth" - Le Phuong, "Silent green fashion” - Tue Ninh, "The camphor tree number 19" - Xuan Hoa, "Waiting for the year of the mouse " - Dinh Nam, "History of Khe Long" - Le Tho ...

There are also many other interesting articles that our team of journalists, reporters, editors and collaborators have cherished and devoted great effort to bring to the readers as a gift in the spring days of the new year.

We hope that "Green Hue" will be a New Year's story for everyone, every family with the dearest and deepest feelings for Hue, for those who always love Hue, and regard Hue with respect and love!

In addition to the special content, meticulous care was invested in the colors and techniques of the photographs and layout of “Green Hue”. Our highly experienced photographers and layout artists have selected the most beautiful frames and angles to present.

Therefore, we believe that you can wait for the "Green Hue" issue just like how you are looking forward to Tet holiday with your loved ones in the most excited mood!

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