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22/12/2019 - 16:04

Aza Koonh Festival becomes a National Intangible Heritage

This is a unique festival, showing the culture which has been passed down through the generations of the Pa Co ethnic group in the highland district of A Luoi (Thua Thien Hue).

Aza Koonh Festival is a unique cultural feature of the Pa Co people

The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism has officially decided to recognize the Aza Koonh Festival of Pa Co people in A Luoi district as a National Intangible Heritage.

Aza Koonh (celebrating new rice) is a traditional festival and the traditional New Year for Pa Co people. This festival is usually held at the end of the year, marking the end of the old year and welcoming a new year.

During the Aza Koonh festival, people express their gratitude to the gods, the goddesses of plant varieties, especially the rice goddess, who have nourished their descendants for generations. Aza Koonh Festival will take place with many rituals such as, the Cleansing ceremony; Removal of evil spirits ceremony; Preparation ceremony; Ceremony to invite rice goddess; Worship ceremony of plant varieties; Worship ceremony of Giang Xu; Worship ceremony of Giang Cot; New rice tasting ceremony ...

Aza Koonh was once thought to be lost, but the efforts of the people of Pa Co have saved a beautiful custom which showcases the unique cultural quintessence.

This is the second National Intangible Heritage of A Luoi ethnic minorities recognized as a National Intangible Heritage. Previously, in 2017, Zeng weaving of the Ta Oi people was also recognized as National Intangible Heritage.

By L.Tho