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24/09/2022 - 07:17

Bach Ma reopens, guests eagerly come to visit

More than 1,000 tourists have returned to Bach Ma National Park (NP) after a long period of closure because the path to the top in this eco-tourism area was eroded and seriously damaged.

Tourists visiting and taking pictures around Vong Hai Dai

After the road leading to the top of Bach Ma was handled and repaired, each convoy of cars carrying tourists from many parts of the country came to this area to visit, relax and experience some activities in this tourism area, known as "Da Lat in the heart of Hue".

According to the information that we gained, as soon as knowing that this N.P was open from the beginning of September until now, many delegations of tours, travelers, or family guests registered to buy tickets to visit. International tourists also visited after Bach Ma N.P opened.

"Many guests are happy and eager to come back here, many of them are local tourists," said a ticket seller at the foot of the mountain.

Starting at the foot of the mountain, the convoys slowly advanced to the top of the mountain. Many delegations stopped the car for visitors to enjoy the fresh and peaceful air; yet, after a long time, they had the opportunity to return to this place.

Although the area is not as crowded as it is during the peak heat time, for many people, experiencing Bach Ma National Park on the days when the season changes and especially after this place reopened is a memorable memory.

Many tourists spent time taking pictures on stretches of road with misty fog, while a few tourists prepared their cameras and focused on capturing moments of animals looming among the forests.

Many older groups of tourists asked the driver to run straight to the top of the mountain before walking a moderate distance to Vong Hai Dai peak to enjoy the scenery. 

Although it is a pity that they cannot see the Cau Hai lagoon due to fog and dense clouds, Nguyen Van Huan, a tourist from Thanh Hoa, expressed his admiration for this space as a "fairy scene" place. “The temperature is cool. The air is fresh and the scenery is poetic,” said Mr. Huan when he first went to Bach Ma despite having been to Hue many times.

Some other guests chose to jog to enjoy the scenery, and explore the trail down to Do Quyen waterfall, Five Lakes, etc.  Many other guests chose to sit and relax, listening to the birdsong.

Mr. Nguyen Vu Linh, Director of Bach Ma National Park, shared that as soon as this place reopened in early September, it had welcomed more than 1,000 visitors. In particular, during the 4-day holiday on September 2, there were more than 800 visitors. According to Mr. Linh, this is also the end of the tourist season, so the number of tourists will gradually decrease, and it is likely that at the beginning of the year after the peak of the ecotourism season, the number of visitors will increase sharply.

Some services, at this time, are operating in moderation and will gradually restore to welcome guests in the peak tourist season early next year. "However, guests who have needs can contact us in advance for attentive service," said Mr. Linh. Particularly, the repair of the landslide route, according to Mr. Linh, has been basically completed so far.

Landslide stopped traffic flow for nearly a year

Previously, in October 2021, the heavy rain led to a serious landslide along the road to Bach Ma summit at the Km13 section (about 6km from the top). The landslide area had a length of about 55m, and a depth of more than 50m, completely destroying the embankment structure, and road surface and breaking the entire road connecting from the foot of the mountain to the top of Bach Ma. The landslide stopped the transportation of passengers by car and motorbike to the top to see this famous tourist attraction.

After all this time, this road has been repaired and improved with many related facilities. The construction investment cost is nearly 9 billion VND from the state budget to overcome natural disasters.

Story and photo: Nhat Minh