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16/01/2022 - 14:44

Being well-dressed to welcome Tet

Tet is around the corner, so this is the right time for women to go shopping for new clothes with the modern trends of designs and styles.

The sets of clothes made from tweed material are being chosen by women for the first days of the new year.

Tweed felt becoming new trend

Tweed is a rough-textured fabric by a very tight weaving method that is different from other conventional fabrics. Tweed is a material with good heat retention. Tweed is also known as a good, thick, waterproof material used for making jackets or warm clothes.

Clothes made from tweed fabric are highly appreciated because they not only bring comfort in movement but also exude gorgeousness and elegance to the wearer. When it first appeared, tweed was woven from pure coarse wool. In addition, today's tweed fabric is also modified with other materials, such as cotton, alpaca, synthetic fiber, cashmere, etc.

Wandering around a few fashion stores in the city, almost every store displays tweed items with many eye-catching designs and colors. Not only suitable in winter, these sets are also appropriate for chilly days.

Nguyen Anh Khai Hoan, 24 years old, from Hue city, shared: “I really like things made from tweed fabric, not only help keep the body warm, the clothes made from this material will be very flattering and luxurious when we wear them. I bought myself some shimmering tweed items to dress up in the upcoming Tet holiday.

The skillful interweaving of colors with pure wool and unique novel textures is the differences of this extremely hot trendy tweed fabric. This is also the feature that makes many women fall in love with the clothes sewn by this material.

According to Ms. Hoang Thi Thu Thao, the owner of a fashion store in Hue city, recently, tweed is the "hot trend" material that is most sought after by women. Therefore, her shop has also updated a lot of models of coats, skirts, dresses, sets of clothes, etc. with many colors and designs made from tweed material to meet the needs of women in this holiday season. In addition, bags, hats, shoes, etc., with tweed material patterns are also loved and chosen by many women.

Mixing and matching accessories

Of course, the accessories are the items that create the highlight for the entire set that you choose. Many people think that the accessories are not important. However, if you are a follower of accessories and have a "fashion taste", then the accessories are indispensable items. This is what makes women more sophisticated, luxurious and attractive.

The world of accessories with countless items that can be combined with clothes such as shoes, boots, bags, scarves, hats, socks, belts, etc., requires women to know how to choose and mix and match them so that the overall look is harmonious and reasonable.

To become more sparkling and seductive, don't forget to choose for yourself earrings, necklaces, or trendy headbands, etc. For girls with strong personalities, choosing unique and fancy accessories can make you stand out.

According to Ms. Ngoc Tran, owner of an accessories shop, leather boots, sneakers, berets, short strap bags or pretty headbands, etc., are the most suitable accessories to mix and match with tweed sets. They are also the best-selling items in recent times.

In addition, accessories with black and white colors are chosen by many women because these colors are easy to match with different types of outfits. At the end of the year, green and red are also two colors chosen by many women to mix with clothes for Tet.

With tweed felt items, the combination of accessories is also very diverse depending on each person's own aesthetic taste. A tweed skirt can be mixed with high heels, plus a short strap handbag to become more gorgeous and luxurious. For girls with strong personalities, mixing the set of a jacket and a short skirt with a pair of sneakers also makes them become dynamic and fresh.

I often choose knee-length boots and berets made of leather with vintage style to mix with tweed sets. In addition, handbags must also be the right style and color for that set of clothes to create a highlight for me, Ho Thi Thuy Ngan, 25 years old, from Hue city, said.

Story and photo: Bach Chau