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01/07/2022 - 16:01

Being witty and life loving with the program "village having fun, village loving singing" 

The program "Village having fun, village loving singing", which was performed by amateur actors and actresses from the two villages of Van The and Thanh Thuy Chanh (Thuy Thanh Commune, Huong Thuy Town), made the last day of the “Countryside Market in the Festival” responding to Hue Festival 2022 more impressive, with full of laughter.

With the desire to spread the messages of optimism, and the love for life, as well as the pride in historical values ​​and cultural identity of Huong Thuy Town in general, and Thuy Thanh Commune in particular, the program "village having fun, village loving singing" brought to the audience special performances bearing cheerful and vibrant spirit of the countryside.

With the participation of farmers, who are not only kind and sincere, but also resourceful, skillful and witty, the program "Village having fun, village loving singing" is a competition that combines performances on stage, outdoor activities, and traditional folk activities including three contests: Traditional craft (making tapioca dumpling cakes, also known as the loc cakes); Village market singing (singing, reciting poems and chants, as well as pounding rice chanting, etc., which are live on stage); and The whole village having fun (participating in continuous games of pedaling the water irrigating trough, and crossing the monkey bridge).

Beside adding more impression to visitors at the “Countryside Market in the Festival”, the program "Village having fun, village loving singing" also shows the ingenuity, and the good understanding of the local culture and history, as well as the creative ideas in agricultural production and business activities, rural economic development, and the spirit of preserving and promoting the cultural identity of the locals.

The following are some exciting photos at the program:

The old farmers show their skill in the contest of making tapioca dumpling cakes, also known as the loc cakes

The cakes are "appraised" by the contest judges and visitors

The contest of reciprocating chanting is held shortly after the contest of making loc cakes

In the final contest, the two teams join a continuous game contest including pedaling the water irrigating trough and crossing the monkey bridge

Young competitors from Thuy Thanh prove to be proficient in the contest of bringing water to the field (pedaling the water irrigating trough)

The contest of crossing the monkey bridge is held at the end of the competition, which always creates a lot of laughter

Awarding the prizes to the winners

A video clip of contests at the program "Village having fun, village loving singing"

By Han Dang