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04/09/2020 - 09:09

Bong Lai Island - Tinh Tam Lake officially welcomes visitors 

After months of restoration and embellishment to create a clean and beautiful landscape, on September 2, Hue Monuments Conservation Center started to welcome visitors to have fun and enjoy at Bong Lai (Elysium) Island - Tinh Tam Lake.

Bong Lai Island in particular and Tinh Tam Lake in general promised to be a new attractive destination of Hue

Tinh Tam Lake is considered the royal garden, and is the place mentioned in a series of poems praising the 20 most beautiful landscapes of Hue Imperial Capital of Emperor Thieu Tri. The lake is rectangular in shape, with a circumference of nearly 1,500 meters. In the lake, there are Bong Lai and Phuong Truong islands, with unique architectural systems of the old royal court.

Bong Lai Island is located in the south of Tinh Tam Lake. During the Nguyen Dynasty, there was Bong Doanh Palace built in the middle of the island. The palace was built having a southerly aspect, surrounded by brick railings. There were Bong Doanh Gate in the front, and Bong Doanh Bridge connected the island with the southern lakeshore. In the East of Bong Doanh Palace, there was Thuy Ta Thanh Tam House having a easterly aspect. In the West of the Palace, there was Trung Luyen Pavilion, having a westerly aspect. Located in the North was the Hong Cu estuary and a bridge with the same name.

After Bong Lai Island was embellished, there is currently an octagonal house modeled on the original; with rockery, grass, flowers, and ornamental plants, etc., forming a new and attractive destination for Hue.

Some photos of visitors and the public coming to have fun at Bong Lai Island on September 2:

There are many ancient trees, whose roots deeply rooted in the ground on the island

Bong Lai Island is a new place to "check-in" for young people

A view from a corner of Bong Lai Island heading towards Dinh Tien Hoang Street

Selecting good photos

The bridge is made of wood; and its two sides (railings) are made of bamboo so as to create a unique character for Bong Lai Island

The newly restored octagonal house

Kids have one more place to play

On the island, there is a security team on duty to preserve the landscape and order in this area

A panoramic view of Bong Lai Island

By Vo Nhan