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30/07/2019 - 14:49

Botanical Garden will be built on Huong River

Botanical Garden creates an aesthetic highlight on the Huong River with a Green - Clean - Beautiful ecosystem. It contributes to the implementation of the undertakings to build a "Green - Clean - Bright" province and the "city of four seasons of flowers” project, and generate a brand-new must-see destination for visitors.

The location of the Botanical Garden

On July 27, the Provincial People’s Committee stated that they ordained the undertakings to invest in carrying out the Botanic Garden Project on the Huong River, the area passing Huong Vinh commune (Huong Tra town). This project is chiefly invested by Tien Dat Limited Company.

Accordingly, the Botanical Garden project is expected to have about 60,000 trees with various types which are planted on a land area of about 145,840 square meters.

This tourist area is expected to be built into 4 zones. Specifically, zone A with about 8,000 square meters includes the Waiting House, Reception Area, Bird Garden, Orchid Garden and Versatile House. Zone B with about 13,000 square meters consists of Botanical Park, Sightseeing Hut and Agricultural Activities Area. Zone C with about 12,000 square meters is the Sightseeing Zone. Finally, zone D is the Glass Cage Nursery with about 112,840 square meters.

The project with a total investment of nearly 40 billion VND is expected to be implemented in October 2019 and put into operation two years later.

By Phan Thanh